Once upon a time,fast rewinding the hand-of-clock into time, it so happened that in a village called Borborbor- wonders indeed never end.

atopsyturvylife_logoAround six o’clock in the morning, I set out to take a stroll in the neighbourhood of this mining community at Tarkwa in the Western Region of Ghana.Much to my amazement,I saw the sun rising from the west. Its glittering rays brightened the skin with much warmth and that promised of a brighter day ahead.

“Misred?”,I thought rhetorically after what appeared to me a virtual reality across many household compounds.That’s,I saw babies bottle-feeding their nursing mothers,who cried of hunger.Adolescent girls,on the other hand,were spotted instilling menopausal values into their mothers and what’s more intriguing was when I saw boys-turned-role-models to their fathers and were empowering them with life skills.”Wow! what a wonderland”,I said to my soul,knowing I was set for thrills.

Chills mindset or not,at this point,I headed straight to experience wildlife adventure.But after the unsual crunchy crackling and tree shuffling sounds in the forest,it’s all the more startling to see an army of various wildlife creatures like grasscutters,antelopes,birds,among others- all of whom were busiedily training a group of young hunters as to how to shoot without perching. And when that happened,I saw the icy hands of death take out innocent lives in a cold blooded fashion.

At this time however,while faith had me covered,fear had taken a back seat.Indeed,it was a freaky funky scene to behold.From that time on, I knew there’s fire on the mountain so be that as it may,as a good citizen, I decided to report the matter to the police.

At ease in my thoughts,I finally got to the busy road of Bogoso junction.Oops!,I was speechless to see a gang of masked men,who were wielding machetes coupled with guns against their captives.This,thus appeared to keep them in control.Then to my utmost surprise, these men went on to forcefully preach the law and other good values to these men they kept in hostage on the road.The captives included men of the clergy and other believers of faith.What’s more?,I figured:the concerns of these traitors could only be interpreted to mean that good morals being the torch of every society has lost its bearers in Borborbor and this they intended to fix.

In the process,this partly made the traffic situation to get very intensed.Motorists were then seen selling goods to their pedestrian buyers.”Oh! spirit of the road, save your home from this nation wreckers”,I thought aloud.

When I got to the police station,I couldn’t all the more believe my eyes as I watched inmates threw behind bars the men and women in uniform for no apparent reason.Upon this,I noticed that the rebellion was tantamount to treason.

So in the end,as the afternoon wore on,sarcastically,the orange ray sun faded out in the east leaving the community of Borborbor under the magical care of illumination by the moon and stars.

Not too long afterwards however, like a thunder,all I could hear was a series of intermittent banging on my door: “knock! knock! knock !!” and that woke me up from my sleep.Following this moment I knew it was a topsy-turvy dream.

Nii-Bi Sowah (2016).
sowahniibi@gmail.com(The author is a poet and a fictional arts writer for all sorts of occasions:birthdays,parties,funerals,school graduation,coronation among others).