A Spanish medical team is in the Gambia since last weekend to offer free medical treatment at the country’s Serekunda Hospital. medical
The team, consisted of doctors and nurses in various health sectors are Volunteers of Claros Foundation, a Spanish non-profit medical organization,
The medical team will stay for several weeks in the country.
“We arrived here over the weekend and we have started our work, we were very impressed with our last year activities in the Gambia, and we hope it will be a continuous work with the health authorities here”, Pedro Claros, the team leader told Xinhua on Monday.
“Our last year’s trip which was our first year to the Gambia was very successful, we attended quite a number of patients, and we provided them with a medical aid for free, which they appreciated and we are hoping for more commitment this time around. So far, this time, we have carried out a total of 20 surgeries in just a few days, and the hospital is hoping that more patients will be operated upon during their stay. We want the team to be visiting this country every year on a longer stay basis”, he said.
According to officials of the hospital, the intervention of the Spanish medical team was crucial in that it had enabled patients who couldn’t afford the high costs of overseas treatment to be treated in the country for free.
Claros Foundation is devoted in the fight against deafness, promoting all types of activities which aid its diagnosis and treatment. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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