The information technology sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, partly because the internet is becoming a primary source of obtaining, storing, and sending information.  Demand for innovative and exclusive software is constantly surging, due to the increase dependence on computer software. Today, most large and small organizations depend on customized computer software to conduct their primary business activities, for example: a retail company would depend on inventory management software to keep their inventory and assets in check, an insurance company may use human capital management software to manage their employees, and so on. 

This rise in demand for customized software has opened a whole new market for software developers. Expert software developers are high in demand around the world, because they possess the skills to create customized software or websites suited for particular organizations.

Organizations often hire developers to work in-house, or from home. Regardless of where they work from, they are entrusted by the hiring organization to keep all development related information private.  From time to time software developers become negligent, and don’t take the quintessential steps to secure private data, as a result, they can be held liable for negligence, which in some cases can lead to termination of employment or cancellation of contract.

Take the following example: You work as a software programmer for an ecommerce business, and under the terms of your employment contract, you are strictly liable to keep all customer related data private and confidential. From time to time you are required to work from home, so the most suitable way of doing that is saving your work onto a USB drive and taking it home. One day on your way home, your USB storage device slips out of your pocket. After arriving home, you realized that your USB drive is lost. To make matters worse, your USB device which contained names, addresses, and credit card numbers of customers, falls into the hands of an identity thief, who uses that customer data to conduct fraudulent activities. As a consequence, your employer eventually finds out and you are fired.  As sad as it sounds, the preceding incident could easily have been prevented with USB data protection software, which enables the user to lock portable drives securely, restricting access with password protection. Top of the line USB locking software such as USB Lock also provides extra protection against attempts to gain access from different operating systems. For example: if the identity thief attempted to extract the data from your USB to a computer which was running under a MAC operating system or a Linux operating system, he wouldn’t be able to do so.

Whether you are a freelance programmer or work for an organization, you will have to deal with sensitive information from time to time. Therefore, as a true professional you are responsible for keeping your client’s or employer’s sensitive information arcane. Hence, investing in USB Locking software guarantees that your work doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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