Speed up my PC, have you cried often while doing a serious job as your computer was taking lot of time working. Most of us love our computers for the magic it can perform. However, the bad side comes with the regular tantrums our Pc throws.

There are innumerable programs and applications that a PC can be devised. But, not all these applications can support the system for all purposes. Every time we open our system and the instruction to download the latest version of application pops-up, we rush to accept it.

Most of us do not bother to check our system compatibility to download an application. Innumerable free applications are like the buffet food arrangement in a party. But, what most of us forget is the capacity of the machine to digest.

Too many applications, or files opened at a time tends to occupy a lot of space.

This slows your PC and creates a nuisance around you. A slow working system is the last thing that you can tolerate when there is an important work to be done.

There was once this situation where I wanted to download a movie I found free on net. It took me around 6 hours to download in my system. I was delighted I found the movie I so dearly wished to own, found free. However, the next day, I found my system work sluggish.

Not knowing what could have been the real issue, I called my internet service provider, accused him of cheating with slow speed connection. The service provider updated my net speed and to my surprise, the machine still worked slowly.

I knew this was calling serious help from a computer repair service. I went online and with my sleepy computer found a few online service providers.

Most of these providers are really convenient and do not charge any fees until it is a major hush.

My PC however, did not get any better. Exasperated I tried another online service help. The service person asked if my computer was an old version and any new application was installed lately. What has speed up my computer got to do with that, I thought.

I checked the system and found my PC clean of the abuse. The service provider again questioned, “Do you download a lot of free materials from the net”? Having done the deed just the day before, I agreed. The person asked me if I had ay writable CD where the download could be transferred.

I luckily kept a few handy and copied the entire download in the writable CD. Now that I had a copy of the movie I wished to possess, I removed it from my PC. I was stunned to find my PC working with the speed I am accustomed with.

Ever since, I have been extremely cautious with my computer and speed up my PC is an inner chant that I constantly remind myself while I work with it. Thanks to the intelligent resolution from HelpSpeed UpMyComputer.com, the online service provider.

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