Simple questions are catchy. They often appear simple but may be difficult to answer. I ask Asantehene the following very simple question.???For how long would you connive with Kumawuhemaa to forestall the enthronement of a new Kumawu paramount chief??



My question to Asantehene arose when I juxtaposed the proclaimed intention of the Kumawu Ankaase royal family to delay the enthronement of a future Kumawuhene for ten years and the ongoing dilly-dallying employed by Asantehene to settling the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.??Kumawuhemaa with her ?supposed? Ankaase royals is of a despicable opinion about the ten-year delay.??They believe the ten-year delay would have a fatal toll on the two Ananangya octogenarians who are spearheading the drive for retrieving their stolen paramount stool from the Kumawu Ankaase royals. Death, they believe, will soon catch up with them because of their advanced age. Once they are gone, there would be no one within the contesting Ananangya and Odumase families to oppose their continuous stay in power.


Kumawuhemaa has proclaimed over the mountains and in the valleys that the sitting Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, is her boyfriend. She further asserts he cannot judge the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy disputation against her because of their existing special libidinal relationship. What do we see manifesting on the ground when we scrutinize things? Asantehene is seen to be doing exactly what his supposed girlfriend has informed the public of. He has resorted to intentional delay tactics in tandem with Kumawuhemaa to usurping the Kumawu paramount Stool for the Ankaase royal family for good. Oh, what a pity!


I will keep on throwing challenges to both Asantehene and the Kumawuhemaa from time to time as long as this Kumawu chieftaincy issue drags on tortuously. My destructive critics can go to hell, if they find my candid critique of Asantehene and Kumawuhemaa nauseating or disagreeable. I will always speak my mind in the hope of correcting some evils and injustices in the society.??Have they forgotten it is said, ?For evil to triumph is for wise men to sit down doing nothing??


In my next write write-up I will discuss if Asantehene is aiding and abetting criminals to inflict maximum injurious suffering on Kumawuman.


I wait on the internet friends, admirers and stooges of Asantehene and Kumawuhemaa to come up with their absolutely insane comments to my published articles. In supporting the silliness and corruption in perpetration by Kumawuhemaa and her cohorts that have culminated in Kumawuman suffering??a total deprivation of essential developments,??they attempt, but futilely,???to rubbish my truthful assertions.??I say, shame on them.


John Fosu


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