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One-quarter of Australians believe they have had a near-death experience, according to research conducted by personnel from three Victorian medical institutions. Almost half of the study respondents had sensations ranging from feelings of peace and out-of-body sensations, to hearing music, and seeing deceased spirits and religious figures.

Medical researchers from Monash University, Melbourne’s Albert Road Clinic and Broadmeadows Adult Health carefully developed a questionnaire for the study, which was carried out by Roy Morgan Australia.

The survey asked participants if they had ever felt close to dying, however in order to qualify as having had a near-death experience, they had to have experienced two or more


The results showed that the majority of people who had near-death experiences felt feelings of peace (25.3%) and an out-of-body sensation (24.8%). Some people saw a tunnel (6.6%), while others said they went to an ‘unearthly place’ (5%).

Very few reported seeing into the future (0.8%), hearing music or voices (1.2%), or having their life flash before their eyes (1.7%).

Editor of Believe magazine, Symmone Gordon said that the research provides important statistical insight into near-death experiences and recounts her own near death experience of drowning. She was flung out of a raft whilst white water rafting in Uganda in no less than grade 5 rapids in crocodiles infested waters.

Lungs full of water, she knew there water only two option – life or death. There was no panic or struggle, only peace, a letting go and feeling like she was out of her body but still aware her body was in survival mode, clinging on to the physical world. She also was fully aware of watching a slide show of past and present appear in her mind’s eye. It was seconds but felt like an eternity.

It changed the way she lived her life by bringing in more peace and an attitude of don’t sweat the small stuff.

New York Times bestselling author and near-death survivor, Anita Moorjani, shares her story, and 20 steps to living a life of love and joy in the newest edition of Believe.

“Anita Moorjani is an exceptional example of someone who had a near-death experience that completely changed her life. She shares her story to enrich lives and spread a message of positivity.

She has penned two books, and featured on the New York Times best-seller list and continues to inspire courage globally,” Symmone said.


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