Experience a Family Safari Adventure

Visiting Africa for a family safari will be one of those vacations you remember forever. Sharing a unique adventure with your family amongst some of the world’s most magnificent scenery and wildlife will create long lasting memories and will build the ultimate family photo album! To make the most out of this once in a lifetime trip, many families tend to combine their safari in one country with a visit to a beach destination. A family safari in Tanzania or Kenya is often combined with the paradise island of Zanzibar whilst the country of Zambia is ideally matched with the ‘warm heart of Africa’, Malawi, where stunning Lake Malawi lies. Discover dynamic wildlife, spectacular landscapes and some amazing activities all in the African wilderness with your family.

The Safari Today

Many people when they think of a safari picture a holiday ‘roughing it in the wild’ where there are cramped minibuses and small safari camps.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Today there are many options to take luxury safaris where accommodation rivals any 5 star hotel and your experience is taken in private, with just the company of your friends, family and your own private guide. On a family safari, those with young children are catered for with suitable facilities, delicious food and a top quality service. The game viewing is outstanding too. Many people conjure up images of just minibuses or open vehicles when they think of safaris but today the options are endless. Depending which country you choose you can walk through the bush, fly in a light aircraft, canoe down a river, rise up in a hot air balloon or even ride on the back of an elephant! There are also plenty of opportunities on a family safari for cultural visits and animal interactions, making your vacation that extra bit special.

Planning your Family Safari

Make sure you choose a reputable tour operator who has plenty of experience arranging safari vacations, especially for families. Today it is possible to tailor make each family safari and take the needs and desires of the whole family into consideration. Whether this is the type of activities you take part in or the food you eat, you can rest assure all the family will be exclusively catered for. There are some countries in Africa that cater a lot better for families than others and your tour operator will be able to recommend the best ones. This will depend on the age of children and also your preferences. You can also choose to visit one country or visit as many as can be fitted into one vacation. A family safari in Africa holds no limits!

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