By: Lawer Egbenya.

Hi boss, in some few hours time, you will hear that sweet symphony of words in your ears: “You may kiss your bride”. This is a moment that I will forever miss in my life. I wish I am around you to do any and everything possible, maybe, including shining your shoe to ensure the success of your wedding. I know you will not want me to do most of the things but at least I will have the honour of seeing how you will turn your tongue as your lips flicks around with her shining lips because my camera will be fixed on you both.

You will be doing that which remains the biggest and greatest point on the agenda of many souls out there. That which remained the dream of many is right before your very eyes. You are not dreaming, bro.. It is a dream fulfilled this day! Cheers!!!

I once saw this inscription in an elder cousin’s photo album: when you are looking for a wife, open your eyes wide and when you see one, close your eyes to all others. This, to me, is one of the cardinal principles in building and sustaining any worthy relationship. I know and believe with conviction that you have applied this principle in your search process. Its application, to me, has been excellent for you. And hey! The result? Perfect. Your eyes have found one of the most elegant, pretty, industrious, faithful, virtuous girls a gentleman can find. Boss, congrats, on your choice! I doff my hat.

It is now time to close your eyes. The looking expedition is over. You’ve got to close your eyes to all other ladies. That’s a major commandment you can’t play around with at your current level of achievement. This day should and must be the greatest and happiest day in your life because for the other two prominent celebrations in and about your life (birth and death), you virtually don’t know what go on. But hey! You’ve got to be cautious about holding firmly to this commandment. A little negligence of this highly esteemed commandment has the potency to ruin this day and your life for good, bro.. Arise and continue to be counted as one of the greatest dudes in our generation as you are doing this day!

Joshua, you remember I always say that you and Roselyn are an example for those of us who are yet to get to your stage. You have proved yourself as such. In some few hours, you will be setting another higher standard. You cannot fail me on this. The price is too high. Love her as you understand the letters of the word LOVE. Honour her, and let the thought and sight of her whether in her absence or presence only reminds you of the vow you will be taking in some few hours. May you live to your marital creed of loving her till death do you both apart.

Kabila, as I affectionately call you, have the best of the time as you take the girl of your dream, the love of your life, that girl who you have never stopped talking about to me, that girl who you have never refused to use the opportunity to celebrate her, to the altar. I wish you the very best in your marital life. May the blessings of the Lord Almighty that goes with this highly honoured institution be the portion of you and Sefakor. As we say in GH., take the lid and I will bring the saucepan which to wit is take the lead and I will follow you soonest, big bro!

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