Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury, a Moslem woman with many dreams
Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury, a Moslem woman with many dreams

Jennifer Hicks

Girls and women in the Moslem nations particularly are facing continuous repression from their male-dominated societies. They face both social and religious obstructions in every walks of life. Bangladesh, being the third-largest Moslem nation, though proclaim to be secular, the mindset of the people is yet to match that claim. Girls and women in that society are either afraid or shy in defying the social and religious taboo which in most cases stop them from reaching their goal. In most cases, their dreams, aspirations and even hopes get dried-up much before being turned into reality.

A girl from Bangladesh, Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury is still hoping of turning her dreams into reality, though she too doesn’t know, how far really, she can reach under tremendous obstacles created by society and the family. Like most of the Moslem females, she too is unsure of where the lever would be pulled by her “guardian” — be it her parents or the spouse. In fact, no one has total trust in her and in the name of guarantying security or safety – they actually do stop her from proceeding in the pace she deserves – or even erect the wall of obstruction in various ways and means.

Until now, Ms. Chowdhury has exhibited the “audacity” of defying lots of obstacles from her family and society and been advancing towards the fulfilment of her dreams and ambitions – there are potential risks of her being stopped even very abruptly at one stage – just because – she is a female. Possibly her ambitions and dreams will remain unaccomplished like most of her compatriot Moslem “sisters”.

Recently, Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury gave an interview to The Modern Ghana, where she spoked quite openly on various issues. For our readers, here are the excerpts:

News Ghana (NG): A woman from a Moslem dominated conservative family has established her existence in the field of creative art, media and marketing with no support from her own family. How things were possible for you in finally succeeding in making a difference?

Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury (NSC): It’s really tough for a Muslim girl being outspoken, liberal and self-dependent with dignity. It becomes more difficult when her family don’t support her. Actually, it was really a path of thorn. The life was full of struggle and still, I am struggling. But Besides the grace of Almighty and by means of self-esteem and hard work I could make a difference.

NG: You have expressed the willingness of travelling the world and helping others in doing so. To accomplish such visions, people need support from the sponsors unless they have their own financial capacity. Are you planning of accomplishing your dream of travelling the world with your own money or looking for some sponsors?

NSC: That’s a good question. Thanks for asking. Travelling is my passion and one and only motto of my life. In any interview board when someone asked me about my aim in life, I always used to say that it’s travelling and to ensure that I will do hard work as much as I can. Till now I am travelling with my own financial support. But I am looking for sponsors now. I would love to grab the chance if there is any scope.

NG: Once you travel to countries, what message you will spread to the world?

NSC: I always try to spread love and generosity, and yes as a traveler I am always concerned about the environment. So, in this alarming stage of global warming, I try to aware people to protect our environment.

NG: Do you think, other Moslem girls in your society also should come out of their conservative family restrictions for having their own position in society?

NSC: Definitely. Mentally Girls are the most powerful creation of God I believe. If any girl comes out with self-esteem, she can achieve anything. In our society maximum girls think that they are is no life of them except maintaining the family. I think this is high time to break the barrier.

NG: If you were given a second life, what you would like to become?

NSC: I would like to become an astronaut.

NG: What is more valuable to you – love or wealth?

NSC: If you think practically it should be wealth. As when you will be wealthy love will come automatically. You can do anything for your beloved whatever you want. Not only that if you become wealthy you can help poor peoples, but you can also spread the love too thus will help you to gain love.

NG: What you can do for the underprivileged girls and women in your society once you get the opportunity of travelling the world and meeting various people?

NSC: I want to give them sex education. I will make them aware of domestic violence. I will encourage them to get a basic education so that they can assure a safe life with dignity for themselves.

NG: Would you tell me about yourself – your life, your childhood and your near ones?

NSC: There’s nothing more to say about myself actually. I am a girl born and brought up in the capital of Bangladesh. From childhood, I always wanted to serve my country as an army officer. But unfortunately, I couldn’t. Then I wanted to set my career as a crime reporter. But I failed too. Then I always wanted to get connected with media so that I can spread my views to other peoples and that’s what I am doing right now by my works. I have two younger brothers. Immediate younger one is special child and the little one is reading in class four. In this world, I love my mom most, and that’s a brief about myself.

NG: How you are, as a daughter, a lover, a wife and mother?

NSC: As a daughter, I am too much responsible and loving. As a lover and a wife, I am so loyal and committed. I am caring too. I don’t have any kids yet. So that part still unknown to me.

NG: Will you say a few words about The News Ghana and how you would assess this newspaper?

NSC: I am really grateful to The News Ghana team that they are giving coverage to a girl from Bangladesh to the international community. The News Ghana is one of the fastest-growing newspapers on the African continent. I really wish them the best of luck, I wish in the near future it will be one of the prominent newspapers in the world. Thank You!

Note from Jennifer Hicks: Following the interview, few more questions surrounded my mind and I will ask those in the near future in another interview. In her interview Ms. Chowdhury said, she is looking for sponsors to support her in fulfilling her dreams of travelling the world. We in The News Ghana believe, courageous Moslem girls like Ms. Chowdhury deserves the attention and support from international organizations who are truly looking for Moslem females come out of the thick curtains of sharia. Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury has shown the guts of making the first step on her own — now it’s us – the international community, who should come forward with our support for this courageous woman.

In personal life, Ms. Chowdhury is a loving daughter, a sister and a committed wife – which is very much important. At the same time, she needs to be equally committed to the society in her own country and the world.

Chowdhury has another angle of her identity, being an artist and anchor. We are not putting focus into that area, as we believe, to us, it is important to project Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury as the ambassador of friendship and peace from a Moslem nation, who can effectively spread the same message to the entire world. We already have Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan who already is spreading the message of peace. Now we can equally promote Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury.


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