For you men of varying intellectual heavyweight and good social standing to be referred to as ?most indiscipline? by a no mean a figure in your own political circle should be an enough ground for you gentlemen to reconsider your place in the NPP. For a party to tag ?and pride itself with high democratic credentials but cannot exhibit an elastic heart to accommodate differing degrees of dissentions from free thinkers like you should by now set your mind into serious thoughts about your fate in the NPP.

Admittedly, every proper and popular political party experiences its internal crisis at one point or the other. This crisis is in fact part of the processes or mechanisms that helps in trimming or renewing a political party for greater onslaughts. And I must say the seeming simmering out favour stench emanating from your party about you guys have done a lot of damage to your personality in the sense that you gentlemen more or less have been beautifully branded as black sheep in your own political pen.

The rank and file apart from the bigwigs in the NPP without mincing word see you gentlemen as a nuisance, yes a real nuisance. A proof of this is the sort of friendly hostile welcome that was visited on you Tarzan after you were summoned before the Executive Council of your party following your perceived unsavoury comments as regards the 2012 election petition pending before the Supreme Court.

For my money, the NPP is a good political party with a good track record of good governance. Well, this observation may not go down well with all. But the little I have gleaned from the NPP communication team clearly shows that the beef that the party has with you gentlemen is your unguarded penchant for disregarding or falling out file so far as the party?s channel of addressing internal disaffections is concerned.

I believe the party cannot come to terms with you on these questions: Why should one of you openly mock the efforts by your party to contest the 2012 election results with the reason that it was an attempt to chase after a horse that has bolted from the stable? Once more, what is the raison d’?tre for one of you to suggest that the call for Sir John to resign must start with the flag bearer of the 2012 election? And to cap it all, why the point from one you that lawyer Ayikoi Otoo was deliberately left out of the petitioners? legal team? You see, it appears you have unnecessarily stoked lame flames with your tongues which are difficult to tame.

Now to the meat of my proposal: it is about time the three of you joined forces to form your own political party. You guys have come of age to remain in a party that seems not to have any modicum of respect for your views. Even your coughs appear to be a ?haram? if not a taboo. This move I can assure you is not the same as the ?mate meho? symphony that reverberated the political landscape of Ghana in the early kilometres of the twentieth century. In fact, I can catalogue a gamut of reasons to justify the need to cease your affiliation with the NPP but I will only produce a handful for the sake of time and space.

In the first place, I consider you men as a political trinity or three political musketeers who can chart a new political course in this country. I know one of you formed a political party but later abandoned it because he needed may be the two missing heads which are now found to form the gang of three skulls that will boost his chances of political survival. Now is the time to revive that dream collectively. I think this is a divine opportunity sanctioned by providence to add variety to the Ghanaian politics because variety is the spice of life.

Divinity has definitely played a role in this matter because the figure three possesses some mystic or metaphysical tendencies. For example, in the Christian circle, God is seen a tripartite being: father, son and holy spirit. When Jesus died, he rose on the third day. Is it also for a joke that we have three past presidents who are christened, John and that the fourth John?s fate hangs in a balance all because someone thinks he (fourth John) cannot be added to the revered class of three Johns?

Ghana needs men who can boldly express, defend and implement their convictions in the face mounting oppositions and you did just that much to the chagrin of your party members and overlords. So why don?t you men find yourselves in a political climate under a political unification where as mature human beings you are not caged in sharing your ideas and ideals?? If you doubt my posits, have you asked yourselves why the three of you are suffering this fate around this time? It clear to me that 2016 is your year of destiny.

Moreover, there is no way the NPP will give you an opportunity to serve in any capacity while in opposition or in power. That is so far as the NPP is concerned, Tarzan, Nyaho Tamakloe and Arthur .K. are black sheep who are deemed redundant, not needed and an extra baggage. So you see, why waste your time and energy on a woman who clearly does not respond to your genuine love overtures? There is nothing that you will do that will please or win the hearts of these ?nppians.? As experience politicians, I believe you will agree with me on this score because no matter what good the hen does, the hawk will never be pleased with it. In simple plain English, you have over stayed your welcome.

In this regard, why rust in oblivion when Ghana needs your services? Age and experience is also on your side. ?I strongly believe the bad blood within the party should be an avenue for you men to excuse yourselves gently and contribute your quota via a different political platform. History also favours you magnanimously. When Joseph?s brothers despised and thought of him as worthless, he later rose to become a Prime Minister. When Nelson Mandela was maltreated and dumped into prison, he later became a President. Who ever thought that despite the incessant racial backlash, Barack Obama will become the President of the whole United States of America?

For the purpose of sanity, I have deliberately left out a roll of criticisms from distinguished men and women within and without your party who think you men are a liability. However, I am told two of you are medical doctors and the other an energy expert. Interestingly, all of you are prolific writers and excellent communicators and these gifts have landed you in this political quagmire. So wherein lay the liability tags when the nation needs experts of your worth? When the three of you mount the political platform, believe you me, the hearts of Ghanaians will be yours.

I am sure Tarzan can replicate the flair he employed to win the heart of the highly respected former girls? prefect of Achimota School to convince women to vote for their party. Arthur .K. and Nyaho Tamakloe can target the elites and aristocrats by heavily depending on their technocratic appeal. As for the rural folks and floating voters, it is simply a matter of drumming home the argument that you were innocently booted out of a so-called democratic party and that you are in the political space to redefine true democracy to Ghanaians.

As for funding your activities, I am sure as responsible men, you have saved enough out of your dedicated service to mother Ghana and the world. So you have the wherewithal to conveniently fuel your campaigns. What then are you waiting for? Strike whiles the iron hot. If Madam Akua Donkor of Ghana Freedom Party has the balls to…, sorry, has the guts to carve a political doll for herself, how much more you three strong men who do not tremble at the sight of the butcher?s knife?

Please gentlemen my innocuous supplication to you is that, do something before you die. Never allow the NPP to run you down because you openly expressed a contrary view. Relish and reckon that this is the time to tell Ghanaians you are no more political neophytes who are told when to sleep and when to get up. As the elephant was chased into the bush, so must you chase the elephant into its right senses. Otherwise, as it appears to be running berserk, it will trample upon innocent souls who have not seen the light.

Ghana deserves better and you are obviously a powerful medium to take us to the promise land even if there is any. As you are by now aware, I am only a voice crying from the political wilderness charged with the sole duty to prepare the way for you, our political nonconformists, who have no honour in your own political fraternity. SHALOM.


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