An unedited email from Kwesi Ampah, a concerned Ghanaian. Read below.

First off, congrats on being one of the few news website to report on UTV Ghana showing pirated movies (probably illegally downloaded from a torrent). I am sad to say though that they probably ignored your earlier warnings.

In fact, its just getting worse. I was waiting for Silverbird Ghana to premiere ?Pain and Gain? on August 30th when I heard that UTV had already aired it last Sunday. How else do you

explain this, if not piracy? I feel sad for the cinema too because this will probably reduce their audience when the movie premieres.

I would like to know if there are any bodies who regulate the content that is shown on our television because if there are then they are clearly ignorant of the piracy on air for the whole country to see.

I saw UTV?s news segment reporting about crimes in the Ghana but they failed to report about the one being committed in their own studio.

UTV?s act is only encouraging such crimes on television because it looks like other stations want to follow suit. Watching movies is a great form of entertainment and i get that UTV want to give its viewers the best form of entertainment.

They should however learn to do things the legal ways.


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