Rihanna?s father Ronald Fenty is so damn shady.

Instead of wishing ex wife Monica Fenty or his mother a happy Mother?s Day, Ronaldo Fenty rather took aim at Bruce Jenner, wishing him a happy mother?s day.

?Just wanna give a big shout out to all the beautiful mothers out there. Happy Mother?s Day!!!!! ?#?Respect? ?#?LBGT?,? he shared on his Facebook and Twitter accounts along with a picture of Bruce Jenner.


The post is seen by many as a mockery of Bruce Jenner?s gender transitioning.

?This was so LAME AND a FORM of BULLYING! Let him live his life.. no one is worrying about yours.. HOLD ON.. WHO ARE YOU AGAIN?! LOL, no one but a famous singer FATHER? AGAIN NO ONE!,? one person commented under the post.

Another person also slammed Rihanna?s dad, saying the post wasn?t funny: ?This is seriously fucked up on so many levels. Not funny at all. Just let Bruce live his life.?


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