A Few Words To Most Rev. Asante-Antwi On His A Living Story Piece

30th June 2016

Dear Samuel Asante-Antwi,

“The hand of God is on all His creation and He can use anyone, even Cyrus, a Pagan King to build His Temple. As He stresses in Isaiah 55:8: “’For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord.””

I bring you fraternal greetings from my resting place at the Presbyterian Cemetery, in Asante Juabeng. I have chosen to write to you today because, I want to assume a free mind in celebrating Our 56th republic Day, which happens to be tomorrow. I trust you, your wife Maame Comfort, Addo Dankwa and your peers are fairing good in your newly found venture- desecrating of the NPP constitution and it’s cherished values which I , and other revered comrades helped resuscitated in the days of tyranny and totalitarian mis-rule of that Scotland “bastard”.

I laid my life to fight against military dictatorship and the epic “CULTURE OF SILENCE” , you are aware. I have turned in my graves and have come to a point where I can no longer toss again due to the proclivity at which you, Addo Dankwa, Hackman, Osafo Marfo, Tedam, Esseku, and others have made the NPP an orphan, unattractive and weakest; predicated on contagious suspicion, incongruous divisiveness, odious vindictiveness, invitation of oppressors rule; and finally you guys, went and married an outlandish new fad called “SUSPENSION” by biasly whipping dissents, perceived as anti Addo Dankwa followers, in line. I cringe and tremble in sorrow, I have wailed over this and at a point, I thought I have to stop been “anxious over nothing” as the Holy Bible admonishes. But for a moment, I prayed to OBOADE3 to grant me an ink and I am grateful he is found for me, one.

You claim you are a Most Reverend, yet you have rejected Priesthood for Politics of Convenience. Understandably, you (Most Rev. Asante-Antwi,) discussed the important role that leadership plays in society in your book, “A LIVING STORY”. In this context, you looked at leadership from different angles in terms of its utility to mankind. You contrasts a leader with a boss and concluded by pointing out the negative attributes of a boss while focusing on the humble and positive traits of a leader. Sammy, as I affectionately call you, in your sincerest state of mind, will you rate my 1992 campaign manager, Addo Dankwa, in present times as “humble and one with a positive traits of a leader”, considering: his failure to take responsibility for streaks of avoidable but excruciating defeats in 2008 elections (Round One , Round Two and Tain Elections) and the 2012 elections?, his proneness to violence which has marred the hard earned reputation of our tradition by way of pronouncing the deadly ALL DIE BE DIE which voyage consistently and shamelessly for about four years lingering as an albatross around the neck of the NPP ? , His containment, entertainment and failure to condemn alien repulsive and inflammable comments to our tradition from hot heads like Ken Agyapong’s toxic KILL GAS AND EWES, sullen Sammi Awuku’s W) MAFUNU NO LICENSE , intransigent Addo Dankwa’s incendiary “WE HAVE MILITANTS ON OUR SIDE, bull barking crap in Abayifa son’s “GHANA WILL BE LIKE AFGHANISTAN”. Samuel, Will you frankly fit Addo Dankwa in your definition of leadership considering , Addo Dankwa’s sterling adroit in rousing tension within the NPP, his failure to account for all the huge bags of millions of dollars given to him for campaign purposes since 2008 till date? His strong affection for rejected CPP’s unscrupulous Freddie Blay who admitted in a letter from his lawyer, Godfred Dame, to Ohene Ntow’s committee that, the diversion of the party’s Ghc 6 million was sanctioned by Addo Dankwa and that Addo Dankwa took £100,000 pounds from the stolen booty belonging to the Party, at the blindside of the party’s National Chairman Paul Afoko and General Secretary Kwabena Agyepong ?

Regrettably, Samuel Asante-Antwi , you were the Chairman of the 2014 vetting committee that considered a farcical petition interwoven in spurious lies and malicious allegations against an aspiring candidate for the National Chairmanship Position. The aspirant is the Son of a high minded, principled, genteel and a revered Mr Asianab Afoko, who indefatigably served in various positions from Busia-Dombo’s UP, to Victor’s PFP, and a Regional Treasure in the NPP Upper East Region, as well as an Eight years Council of State member representing the NPP in the His Excellency John Kofi Diawuo Kufour’s trailblazing administration. Unexample , You sentenced his son, Paul Afoko to as far as INTERPOL, UK to be cleared of those groundless allegations. The INTERPOL cleared him in a one sentence, stating that, “The Subject you referred to us, Paul Afoko, is not known to any police force” , meaning Paul Afoko has no criminal records and had never been arrested. Even with this instructive statement, Samuel, your bias vetting committee was feeling reluctant to clear him only that, you did it, so grudgingly at last. Earlier, as Natural Justice demands, Paul Afoko demanded from your vetting committee to disclose to him, who the petitioners against him were, but sadly, you mocked at him and asked him to rather prove his innocence than to know who his accusers were.
I presume you have come across several verses in the Holy Bible talking about JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS.? Sammy, based on the point noted above about you, do you honestly fit in the leadership qualities you have defined in your book “A LIVING STORY”???

But you know what amazes and makes me highly elated is how , you unknowingly admitted in court that our party’s National Paul Afoko is not vindictive , he has never been vindictive and will never be vindictive because he Paul Afoko believes that “for Vengeance is for the Lord”. After all your wicked machinations as the vetting committee chairman, Paul Afoko won the elections and as you rightly admitted in court, he appointed you as the Chairman of our party’s National Disciplinary Committee and never wreaked retribution against you.

Sammi, Even before your committee received the frivolous petition against Second National Vice Chairman Sammy Crabbe , you had already received petitions attached to audio, documents newspapers, and video as incontrovertible evidences from aggrieved party members against the two erratically behaved Men in our party viz, the CPP turn coat Freddie Blay and the National Treasure Kwabena Abankwa Yeboah. As Disingenuous ,dishonest, unfair minded, wicked and unjust as you are, you acted, on the wishes and desires of Addo Dankwa, to dump the earliest petition against Freddie Blay and Abankwa Yeboah in the bin. Shockingly, you hailed George Orwell’s Animal farm Principles by considering a fallacious petition against our party’s second vice Chairman Sammy Crabbe and later, Addo Dankwa asked his former CPP colleague, Freddie Blay, to call back our General Secretary Kwabena Agyepong who was working laboriously to win an impending by – elections for our party in as far as Amenfi West constituency in the western region . You , Addo Dankwa and the rest of you mean and myopic cabal voted unanimously to suspend Kwabena Agyepong.
Sammy, based on the few points I have noted above about you, do you honestly fit in the leadership qualities you defined in your book “A LIVING STORY” ? Is what you have done, the Justice and Fairness which the Holy Bible enjoins us to practice? Do you still consider yourself as a LIVING STORY? Hey Sammy, You are verily, a DEAD STORY!!!

Samuel Asante-Antwi, you enumerated from pages 96 to 104 of your Google generated book “Living Story” that “whenever a transformational leader is in power, the status quo is challenged and that will always stir up controversy and hurt many.” This is where Chinua Achebe would say “the centre cannot hold.” We do even have a Biblical reference to this situation in St. Matthew’s Gospel when Jesus remarked: “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12). Unquestionably, our party’s National Chairman Paul Afoko during his campaign , noted with passion his tenacity to establish REFORMS – New Plan For Power. Ideally, you and your other myopic cohorts such as Addo Dankwa and Co, were offended by Chairman Afoko’s knack for reforms within the NPP that would have win us elections easily and by March 2016, the disastrous NDC would have known they were getting near to their end. Part of the reforms was when our National Chairman Paul Afoko tabled at National Council for consideration which was duly acceded to , in the sense that, the proceeds from the sale of parliamentary nomination forms is to be shared in the ratio 40:20:40. In my six feet grave, I smiled when the news got to me because, what I had long wished that the party adopts was near realization.

Incredulously, I was shown in my grave an spectacle of how Men with Pig mouths fed and drain the party coffers for their selfish interest, I saw how campaign funds was diverted into private accounts, I saw how Sammi Awuku, Gabby Okyere Darko, Nana Akomea, Addo Dankwa, Karbo, Bawumia, Sir John and Co were frolicking with NDC but turned around to make deceptive remarks that inflamed our core supporters into fighting and wasting their emotions, I saw how Addo Dankwa traded the elections Petition in a room at Nigeria for bags of dollars, I saw how President Kofi Kufour handed over millions of dollars to Addo Dankwa in Both 2008 and 2012, I saw how the ferocious exconvict Gabby Okyere Darko, Kelli Gazekpo and Co acquired luxurious assets with campaign funds after the 2008 & 2012 elections, I saw how the arrogant Ken Ofori-Atta used campaign funds to set up Data Bank in Liberia, and how he bought Enterprise Insurance company now under the care of Kelli Gazekpo, I saw how Ibrahim Mahama gave Addo Dankwa 4 land cruisers, to mention few. So this time under Chairman Paul Afoko, was the time for the party at all levels to have what was due them, and be resourced with adequate resources for a resounding victory in 2016 elections

So, yes I was relieved and prayed and asked my maker to bless this lofty idea from the royal of Sandema, Paul Afoko. 40% from the proceeds will go to all constituencies, 20 remains with National Headquarters, and the remaining 40% goes out to the Regional party levels. Where the 40% to all constituencies means that, each constituency is set to receive Ghc 25,000. Our fair minded Chairman Paul Afoko in consultation with National Council further agreed that the Ghc 25,000 be sent to the 275 constituencies in installment. Ghc 10, 000 each is the first tranche to all constituencies for smooth operations of the parliamentary primaries, second tranche will be Ghc 5000 each to all constituencies for repackaging , painting and face lifting of all constituency offices and the last Ghc 10,000 each to all constituencies as a seed fund ahead of the 2016 elections. Sadly, the men with Pig Mouths thought that , their “cocoa season” is no longer available because Chairman Paul Afoko was defeating their status quo. Alas, for the Wahala that greeted this refined idea, I presume you are aware. Freddie Blay in his letter to Ohene Ntow Committee stated that, it was Addo Dankwa who asked him to convene the meeting which discussed how they criminally diverted our party’s toil into a secret account later known as ECOBANK account, and that Addo Dankwa had stolen 100,000 pounds sterling from the booty. I, in all good faith will want to admit that, this is a statutory fund and that, I implore on all our Constituency executives to start making Demands of their Ghc 15,000 remaining balance from Freddie Blay and Addo Dankwa because, the second highest decision making body of our party (National Council) approved of it.

Amazing! Samuel , so you crucified our National Chairman Paul Afoko because of this reforms? In Article 9 clause B paragraph 3, it stipulates that regional representatives on National Council be elected. Hitherto Chairman Paul Afoko’s regime, it was always by appointment which is a breach to our constitution. A law abiding citizen and highly principled Chairman Paul Afoko demanded that the constitution be followed and that all regional representatives be elected in line with the constitution. This, which I am convinced that it had to do with the enforcement of our constitution as Democrats rather offended Addo Dankwa and his cabal . This demand for the constitution to be followed was part of the petition against Chairman Paul Afoko which you recommended that he be suspended?? Suspended because he enforced a constitutional provision? Samuel, You are indeed a DEAD STORY! In the same recycled petition from those hungry rented northerners, Yeremia and Co, they claimed our National Chairman Paul Afoko be suspended which you Sammy agreed with them because his spokesperson, Nana Yaw Osei had released a statement extolling Addo Dankwa as INCORRUPTIBLE? ? Sammy, I can’t think madness!!! So are you living to what you preached in your Google generated book? Frowning upon and treating bad, honored men who effected Change in NPP? Ostracising of transformational leaders?

So how did you treat Freddie Blay as he continues to use his Daily Guide Newspaper to project President Mahama and the NDC’s green book? Asante-Antwi, you mean to tell me that, Such a CPP rejected midget, Freddie Blay using his Newspaper to project NDC and President Mahama is more NPP and loves Addo Dankwa than our National Chairman Paul Afoko who contracted Professors from my alma matter, University of Ghana, dipped his hands into his personal pocket and part paid a whopping Ghc 75,000 for them to gather scientific data and research on why Addo Dankwa failed in 2008 and 2012 and to identify needs and wants of each and every constituency across Ghana and make recommendations for a prudent and efficient campaign that will result in a resounding victory 2016???

Samuel Asante-Antwi, If and only if you had a feeling for the “Job’s” in our party, I pray that you locate your bible and read:

“Ephesians 4:25 Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.”
1 John 3:18 Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. ”

My predecessor, Dr J. B Dankwa says this to you, Asante-Antwi “If he is a man chosen truly by God to serve and unite people to promote peaceful coexistence, he would not have descended into partisan politics. All chosen Ministers of God do not speak false witness and promote division . True Men of God with virtue speak in the fear of God, but this man does not fear God and that is why he speaks and acts like that”

Tell Addo Dankwa that, we, the ancestors are expressing indignation at his smuggling in alien traits into our tradition and we will never forgive him. Hopefully, the leader of we, ancestors of the NPP tradition which laid down some seven decades ago, on that fateful day in Salt pond will, write our reservations to him and the party pretty sooner than later.

Ma No Asi

In advance is a Happy Republic Day to all true believers in democracy and Development in Freedom.

Faithfully yours,

Founding Flagbearer of the NPP, 1992
Prof Albert Adu Boahene, KONTOPIAT

By: The Reincarnated Kontopiat, Prof Albert Adu Boahene.
Presbyterian Cemetery, Juabeng, Asante.


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