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A Day Service Connection Has Been Launched By Ecg

William Hutton-Mensah–ECG MD

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) on Friday launched an initiative that will see new service connections completed within 24 hours if prospective customers are able to meet the necessary requirements.

The initiative, which was conceived and piloted by the company?s Achimota District Office, also applies to customers who apply for a second connection but does not include new service connections that require utility (electricity) poles.

ECG?s Managing Director William Hutton-Mensah said the initiative ?is a demonstration of our preparedness as a company to totally confront and surmount the most daunting challenges which are characteristic of the electricity distribution business.?

The initiative, which will be implemented in all ECG operational areas, seems rather ambitious considering the fact that the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has set a benchmark of five working days for the connection of a new service.

According to Mr. Hutton-Mensah, ?this achievement shows our commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers, regulators and stakeholders.

?A major positive effect of this innovation is that it will eliminate customer apprehensions and frustration in getting electricity service connection. This will in turn lead to a reduction in illegal connections. We trust that this innovation will ultimately give ECG a positive public image.?

He added that the utility company is determined to improve the reliability of its systems through other innovative initiatives.

?It is a fact that our performance as a company is measured by the duration and frequency of power outages.

This year, we are tackling this challenge head-on in the spirit of our success in the one-day service-connection.?

ECG?s acting Regional General Manager, Accra West Region, Delali Oklu, said the initiative has been long in coming.

?In fact, completing a new service for a prospective customer within one day is not rocket science, but it takes leadership and innovation to shorten the long-established procedures to exceed customers? expectations and at the same time ensure accountability and prevent abuse or misuse,? he added.

To benefit from the service, prospective customers, according to Mr. Oklu, are required to complete an application form and attach to it a site-plan of the house requiring the service, as well as supply a photocopy of a national ID of the property owner.

He stressed that the onus lies on property owners to ensure that their property is properly wired to qualify for the one-day service-connection.

By Richard Annerquaye ABBEY


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