There was once a woman who underwent craniectomy, for excision of her brain tumor. The initial diagnostic procedures done on her showed that the tumor was about the size of a golf ball. But upon excision, it was found out that the tumor was about the size of a baseball. Upon study of her lifestyle in relation to her acquired disease, health practitioners found out that she was a bitter person. She carries loads of loads of burdens and worries in life.

Oftentimes, physical healing is accompanied by emotional healing. A Course In Miracles is focused on many things related to the emotions. One of which is the emotions and its healing. It’s been said that people can get hurt in the physical but when the soul gets hurt, healing is close to impossible. Furthermore, the wounds don’t just disappear, they’re just forgotten and kept in the closet.

We have heard of the saying “time can heal”, but time actually, cannot.

Time can only hide it for a long period of time, and when certain issues are brought up, there goes the feeling again. What a hurting person needs to do is to forgive. Forgiveness makes the heart vulnerable not to hurt again but to healing. It opens up the heart to past experiences, touches sensitive issues and makes way for healing.

A Course In Miracle, or ACIM, gives a person opportunities (and lots of them) to get healed, not just in the physical but in the emotional as well. It gets down to the roots in order to provide the total healing that a person needs. This total healing starts from the inside, and radiates to the physical and regenerates the cells. It creates a positive from the self to the outside.

Forgiveness plays a special role here.

To be able to forgive, one has to get down to the real cause of the hurt even if it is not easy to go back to the past. In this process, one has to point out the people who have hurt him as well as those people whom he has hurt. When those people have been singled out, the next step is go and find out what happened and what has been causing him pain. As these experiences are pointed out, a person has accept things as they are and be able to forgive one by one and step by step.

Forgiveness creates a positive energy in and around the person. This positive energy flows through the person’s being, thereby, creating a new being, a better being, and a regenerated self. This kind of attitude facilitates healing, first from the heart and when he is able to feel good about himself, it can be manifested in the physical. This makes him become a cheerful being, thereby promoting the total healing of the person.

It’s been said that “laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter and joy can be found, not only when everything is well, a person can still be happy even if the odds are against him. It’s a choice and it’s a choice taught by A Course In Miracles.

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