Mum breastfeeds five-year-old son
Mum breastfeeds five-year-old son

A British mother still breastfeeds her five-year-old son as well as her three-year-old daughter and seven-month-old baby.

Samantha Williams fully believes breast is best when it comes to her kids, so much so she often feeds her five-year-old boy Trevor or daughter Claire, three, at the same time as seven-month-old little one Ethan.

Samantha has received a barrage of criticism for her actions from the likes of onlookers in restaurants as well as friends and family – but she insists her kids “love” latching onto her breasts.

She told the Sunday People newspaper: “You can’t really force a child to do anything after about 18 months, let alone latch on to a breast. It’s their choice and they love it.

“The older two will always feed at the same time as the baby. Sometimes they tell me the milk tastes like a chocolate or strawberry milkshake, other times it’s white milk with sugar.

“They eat a wide range of food like any other kids their age, so can identify what the milk tastes like. I’m not saying kids who aren’t breastfed this long can’t be the same – of course they can.

“I can say for certain I haven’t done them any harm and I really hope I have done them a lot of good.”


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