?Mr Karim Iddrisu, 38, a lame person is among the seven candidates contesting the district assembly election in the Gausu East electoral area in the Obuasi municipality.



Mr Iddrisu, who is the chairman of the Obuasi Municipal branch of the Ghana Federation of the Disabled and an Executive Director of the Green Ghana Initiative, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that he was confident of annexing the seat.

?I am motivated by lack of good governance in the electoral area which has resulted in the lack of popular participation in communal work, effective planning, accountability and transparency?, he said.

He said he was contesting in the elections to enable him offer the kind of leadership that would whip up communal spirit in the citizenry for accelerated local development.

?Accelerated community development in the area of local economic improvement, sanitation and improved waste management practices is my motivation? he said adding ?empowering the youth in the ICT education is another area of motivation?.

Mr Iddrisu said his vision was to seek a peaceful and environmentally conscious community where the people, especially the vulnerable, would be empowered to contribute little to improve the community.

He said the Gausu market needed complete revival to enhance the local economy and this would be one area he would encourage the electorate including the vulnerable to play their part for the total development of the area.

Mr Iddrisu expressed regret that his disability was being used as a campaign message by his opponents and therefore appealed to them to allow the electorate to decide for themselves the best among the candidates in terms of knowledge, experience and versatility.

?I want the voters to explore fort themselves my experience, background in human rights activities and community development spirit?, he said.

MrIddrisu advised the electorate to turn out massively and vote on the day of voting since it was their right to decide who they wanted to lead them for local development.



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