unnamed (3)Art Monaco has-been the fastest growing contemporary and modern art fair in the French Riviera. Now, it is pleased to host first jubilee icts with icts fifth edition That Will take up from April 24th to the 27th. Dedicated to showcasing contemporary and modern art in an elegant and glamorous flare, this event is Surely not to be missed. Once again, art and culture enthusiasts Will Find Themselves Being enchanted over exclusive artwork That Will invade the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco.

Under the presence of HRH Princess Marie Gabrielle of Savoy, TRH Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, Baroness von Prohaska Dani?le Courcelle, Baron and Baroness of renald Meester Betzenbroeck, Hollywood stars and other celebrities social, falling on thesis oven days, Monte Carlo Will Be adorned with famous and remarkable artworks. More than 70 international galleries Will complement the beauty of the playground for the rich and famous. With over 4000 exhibits, this is a special opportunity for Those wishing to buy or sell art collections or simply wish to Those Who be taken aback by one of a kind art creations inspirational presented in a variety of styles.

Art Monaco fulfills icts goal by proudly presenting a new international exhibition with the participation of galleries coming from countries: such as Germany, Armenia, Austria, Columbia, China, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Monaco, Russia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Spain, Netherlands, Lebanon, Estonia, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil, United States, Israel, Switzerland, Amongst others.

Under the leadership of Johnessco Rodriguez from Opus Eventi, this new edition Will take your breath away with Many outstanding artworks to be showcased, Including works from the acclaimed photographer Kristian Schmidt With His impressive whale sharks images, extravagant Mauricio Velez’s shocking yet interesting collection of Demons and Angels (Columbia), Jerzy Kedziora one’s balancing sculptures (Poland), Pavel Mitkov’s beautiful religious icon paintings (Russia), All which-have found home in private collections of personalities: such as Vladimir Putin and ThePope John Paul II Hatarina Hallback Monnnier’s colorful and exotic paintings (United Kingdom), Hrachia’s lively artwork Hakobyan (Armenia), Anzel Muriel’s rich oil paintings (Russia, Belgium), Flory Menezes’ mystifying sculptures (Brazil), Carlo Aloe’s complex and intriguing art work, and many more.

Besides Being open to the general public, this event Will include black-tie private previews and openings Where people can purchase artwork in exclusive environment on April 24th and 25th year. Also under the desire to give back to society and to supporting local Humanitarian projects, in cooperation with Opus Eventi GEO Will host a Gala Dinner on Saturday the 26th at the Hotel de Paris, Where share of the Proceeds are for the benefit of the Association ” Friends of Lebanon in Monaco ” as well as The Association of Art, Culture and performing “ASMC”.

It is on this night Monaco Art When Will the present AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE to highlight and galleries Recognise Those That Go the extra mile to Promote the industry presenting exhibits at their best quality worldwide.

Having the reputation of successfully Exhibiting modern and contemporary art in a very exclusive setting in the French Riviera, Monaco Art’s first jubilee is guaranteed to shine through. Art Monaco Will Remain a platform for emerging artists and a Bridge Between galleries, collectors and Those Who love the luxurious pleasures of life.

No other modern and contemporary art of the French Riviera living can boast of having grown as fast as Art Monaco. This unmissable event today celebrates its first anniversary – so its fifth anniversary – what is the opportunity of a very special edition. Dedicated entirely to the development of modern and contemporary creations, this event is not to be missed. I bet that once again, art and culture enthusiasts get enthusiastic about the outstanding works to be presented in the prestigious Grimaldi Forum Monaco.

With the presence of HRH Princess Marie Gabrielle of Savoy, TRH Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Baroness von Prohaska Dani?le Courcelle, Baron and Baroness of renald Meester Betzenbroeck, Hollywood stars and other celebrities Jetset during these four days, Monte Carlo will indeed be overwhelmed by also recognized that remarkable creations. More than 70 international galleries will enhance their collections beauty of this vast playground for celebrities and wealthy collectors. With over 4000 participants, there is also a special opportunity for those wishing to buy and sell works or simply for those who want to be transported by unique collections. With 4,000 participants, the show will represent for both art lovers wishing to acquire works for artists who want to sell theirs, a very special opportunity. And visitors are coming or buy or sell, it will offer the possibility to get carried away by the beauty of unique collections.

Art Monaco has been very successful and this year more than ever, has an international dimension with the participation of galleries we arrived from countries like Germany, Armenia, Austria, Colombia, China, Poland, UK, Sweden, France, the Principality of Monaco, Russia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Spain, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Estonia, Italy , Ukraine, Brazil, the United States, Israel, Switzerland … to name a few?. Perhaps one might decline the list of countries in alphabetical order, which would have at least the merit of any susceptibilities household …

Editor Johnessco Rodriguez, president of Opus Eventi, the works presented in the context of this new edition is breathtaking. It is to be convinced that contemplate photographs Kristian Schmidt and incredible whale sharks; those, provocative, but punchy, Mauricio Velez (Colombia) – images of half-angels and half-demons -; or exceptional sculptures Kedziora Jerzy (Poland); beautiful religious icons Pavel Mitkov (Russia), which took place in collections of figures such as Vladimir Putin and Pope John Paul II; not to mention the live parts Hakobyan Hrachia; rich paintings of oil Anzel Muriel (Russia, Belgium); mystical sculptures Glory Menezes (Brazil), and finally the complex and intriguing work of Carlo Aloe, among many others …

In addition to being open to the public, Art Monaco 2014 will also offer previews VIP and private openings (24 and 25 April), during which you may purchase works in a unique setting .

Finally, in the interest of sharing and in the right thread of our unwavering support to numerous charities, Opus Eventi, in collaboration with GEO will organize a gala dinner, Saturday, April 26, at the Hotel de Paris, that part of the funds will go to the Friends of Lebanon in Monaco, and ASMC, the Monegasque Association for Art, Culture and Scene. During this evening, Art Monaco will present the Award of Excellence galleries that push the limits of the promotion of art and culture, highlighting exceptional works worldwide.

Reputed to exhibit in the best conditions of modern and contemporary art in an unusual setting in the heart of the French Riviera, the first “jubilee” Art Monaco is expected to shine brightly. This prestigious venues continue to be an essential platform for emerging artists and a bridge between galleries, collectors, and all those who love luxury, pleasure and life.


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