Hello Food Managing Director, Mr. Sofiène Marzouki with children of the Teshie orphanage
Hello Food Managing Director, Mr. Sofiène Marzouki with children of the Teshie orphanage

Children begging on the street

The items included copies of the Holy Bible, bags of rice, sugar, quantities of provisions, as well as trunks and chop boxes.


In a brief exhortation before the presentation, Dr Alex Yaw Adom, Vice President and the Strategic Planning Director of the NGO, encouraged the children to remain resolute and never be dissuades by peer pressure, to indulge in social vices that would mar their future.

He said with determination and the Lord’s direction they would achieve greater heights, and therefore urged them to comport themselves and obey instructions from their administrators to help mould their lives.

Mr Daniel Payne, Father of the Home, thanked the donors, and said admission was done through the Department of Social Welfare, which conducted thorough investigations to ascertain the plight of the children before admitting them.

He said the Home survived on donations from the founder, a Dutch Catholic Missionary, Sister Thea Van Den Bosch, the Catholic Church, individuals, institutions, and NGOs.

He said the church was contemplating taking over the administration of the Home.

The Home Father expressed gratitude to the founder, who realizing orphans and children from deprived homes were roaming in town aimlessly, mobilized and provided them with free food, shelter, and clothing, as well as sponsored their education.

He said the children were given free education and integrated into society, either with their relatives or God-parents during their adulthood.

The children who were visibly happy, expressed their appreciation through singing and dancing.



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