egypt soccer riot

As African Continent was busy watching the 2012 AFCON encounter between Ghana and Mali. At least 73 people were killed when riots broke out at a  game in , and hundreds were injured in the riots, the country’s deputy health minister said. The fighting occurred in a stadium in the northeastern city of Port Said at a match between Al-Ahly and the home team, Al-Masry.

Fans of the home team, al-Masry, swarmed the field after a rare win against al-Ahly, Egypt’s top team. They threw rocks, fireworks and bottles at opposing fans and players. Live television footage showed fans running onto the field and chasing al-Ahly players. The footage also showed images of a fire in the stadium.

Soon after the violence, another match in the capital, Cairo, was halted by the referee after receiving news of the violence in Port Said, a city on the Mediterranean coast.

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