Back in July, doctors removed 232 teeth from a teenage boy?s mouth in a single operation in Mumbai.

On Friday, a seven-year-old child had 80 teeth removed from his upper jaw after nearly four hours of surgery at the Maharaja Yeshwantrao (MY) Hospital in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.



Dr Maheshwari told The Times of India, ?The patient had visited us five days ago with abscess in upper jaw. Upon medical investigations, it was diagnosed a case of odontoma. We planned the surgery and removed 80 teeth after clearing abscess, which is rare in tender age.?

Odontoma is a rare type of tumor affecting the jaw or gums that sees a concentration of tooth-like structures.

Local reports named the boy as Vivek. He had apparently developed a tumour on the left side of his mouth and was taken to MY hospital after treatment in his village failed to remedy his situation.

Source The New Vision


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