Brave: Holly Greenhow won't let being born disabled hold her back and appears in a new Mini Boden campaign

Brave: Holly Greenhow won?t let being born disabled hold her back and appears in a new Mini Boden campaign

For Holly Greenhow, seven, everything from speaking to sitting up is a challenge ? all because she was born with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy.

But brave Holly, from Cambridgeshire, has refused to let her disability hold her back and has landed a starring role in Boden?s new childrenswear campaign.

Holly, whose condition was caused by a prolonged loss of oxygen at birth, was chosen after attending a casting earlier this year, where she shone in front of the camera.

She spent a day in London modelling clothes from the Boden children?s range and now features in the Meet and Greet mini campaign on their website.

In the Q&A accompanying the campaign, Holly charmingly reveals that the funniest person she knows is her mother and that she would choose to play all day if she ruled the world.

?Holly has a beautiful smile and modelling is not all about being perfect, so we thought why shouldn?t she be considered,? said her mother Fiona, 42.

?There are lots of things she can?t do and will never be able to do because of her disabilities, so it was really nice for her to have this experience.

?I hope it will help the image of disabled children and also open people?s eyes to the fact there are lots of children out there who aren?t perfect.?

Holly, who has a 10-year-old brother named Oliver, was born with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which affects her movement, balance and speech.

She uses a wheelchair to get around and has only recently started to communicate using a special computer system operated by her eyes –  similar to that used by physicist Professor Steven Hawking who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease.


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