Ghanaians have advanced in various categories of religion. Many Ghanaian religious leaders claim authority over many things. Now is the time to claim authority over Dumsor which has come to establish in our society as the most ridiculous stumbling block of our country’s economical growth and the good health of it’s people.


I agree that, this load shedding issue (Dumsor)is the responsibility of our government of the day, but this problem seems to be overriding it’s efforts. In times like this, the only resort is Prayer.

God is a listener of Prayers. Ghana is about to celebrate it’s 58th Independence anniversary. At age 58, Ghana does not merit such a terrible situation. Believe me, nobody is happy about it. Our hospitals are dysfunctioning causing untimely deaths, businesses are collapsing, retrogression is overtaking progress.

I am appealing to all Ghanaian religious leaders across the Globe to declare 6th March 2015 as a day of prayer, solely against Dumsor. Leaders, please lead your congregants into prayers against Dumsor. Ask God to have mercy upon Ghana and give us a lasting solution to this terrible problem.

8th March falls on a Sunday. Churches, please consider Ghana and pray against Dumsor. Muslims, 6th March falls on a Friday, please consider Ghana and pray against Dumsor.

Together with God’s intervention, we shall overcome. Make God bless our homeland.

Hon. Osei Mensah Michael
Ghacif President


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