The Eritrea Ministry of Information (MoI) on Monday said 66 Eritrean media professionals have completed a three-week digital media training course given by media specialists from China.

In a press statement, Yemane Gebremeskel, Eritrean Minister of Information, said 66 Eritrean Engineering and Information Technology (IT) staff members of MoI completed a three weeks’ digital media course.


The media training course included trainings on television script, studio installment and digital land transmission of television programs.

Eritrea and China enjoy multifaceted relations, including in the political, social, medical, agricultural and cultural fields.

According to the Chinese embassy in Eritrea, over 200 Chinese doctors and other health professionals have provided free medical services in Eritrea since 1997.

The two countries have also in recent years cooperated in the fields of cultural exchange and sports. Enditem


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