Adinga David Ojom in class with his fellow students at Dr. Obote College. Photo by Jaspher Awio

Adinga David Ojom in class with his fellow students at Dr. Obote College. Photo by Jaspher Awio

Ojom Adinga David, a resident of Bata sub county, Awong parish in Dokolo district has registered with Dr. Obote College , one of the prominent and best performing schools in Lira.

Ojom who is living with a disability said he does not want to be called so because what he is attempting to do, proper men cannot.

?I have saved more than five million for my studies and I want to make it to my perfection? he said

?My first born stopped in primary five, and the rest of my children didn?t take education seriously after me wasting all my resources to pay their fees? he added.

However, in 2013, Ojom sat for his UCE exams at Bata Secondary School and scored aggregate 47 and was admitted to Dr. Obote College to continue his education.

?With English language, History, Divinity and Computer studies, i want to become a journalist?. He added.

?What inspires me so much from journalists is the way they carry themselves in public, their big cameras and they even get to be known worldwide?.

According to his wife Amolo Betty, because her husband is schooling, land conflicts between her family and his brothers has cropped up. She says they have encroached on her lands and have started cultivating on it since Ojom spends much of his time in school.

?I am like a widow on my land because my husband is never with me? she lamented.

She added that this might contribute to poor result for her husband because on many occasions he must go back home to settle land desputes.

Fred Kiwanuka, the headmaster Dr. Obote College said Ojom is one of the best students.

?He got 13 points in our internal pre-mock test and he was amongst the best ten.?

Jaspher Awio, The New Vision


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