Six more people have died as a result of eating anthrax-infested meat in western Zambia’s Sikongo district, bringing the total number of people succumbing to the disease to eight, a health official said on Wednesday.

Last month, two people died while 67 others were hospitalized as a result of consuming the infested meat.

Fredrick Siyunda, a director of health in the district said the six people died in a space of five days after eating meat from cattle dying of anthrax.

Out of the six, two were men while four were women, according to the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS).

The official added that another two people were currently admitted to a local hospital.

According to him, awareness messages urging people not to eat the infested animals have not yielded results as the people were hiding the meat in their homes.

The Ministry of Health has since collaborated with the Department of Livestock Services to ensure that people were treated and the animals vaccinated.

Anthrax broke out in November last year in six districts of the province affecting cattle. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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