Boko Haram

From. Sadistic Abubakar Maiduguri

Hundreds of BOKO Haram members attack Maiduguri outskirts early morning Sunday at Jinikin-Moronti area near the 1000 and 707 hiding estates along Jos-Kano with heavy arms and do weapons but the vigilant soldiers stationed at the Maiduguri entrance NCE and 33 Battalion Barracks trolled the attack on liking over 56 insurgents, seized three armoured tanks and two Hilux jeeps that the terrorist came with, wounded dozens but unfortunately about 9 soldiers were seen being conveyed by a militate patrol Hilux van from the scene to the Garrison Command along Pompomari area near the Military Anti Bomb Squad Unit around 12.30 pm at term the militate had taken over the control of the situation and calm started returning to the area and nearb neighbourhoods.


However, the Army PRO Colonel Sani Usman of the Division 7 of the Nigerian Army has announced a 24 hours views instantly IN the morning around 10 am restricting movement and calling on people to stay at home till Monday.

This is nevertheless happening just to few hours ago free President Jonathan Goodluck Presidential campaign rally in Maiduguri which was held peacefully from 10 am in the morning Saturday to 3.30 pm when he left Maiduguri for Abuja.

Contradictorily, the APC Presidential campaign rally is scheduled for Monday, two days after the PDP presidential campaign rally in Maiduguri.

Therefore, the plausibility of the proposed APC presidential. Campaign rally in Maiduguri to hold may be shrouded or in doubt as speculation making round in Maiduguri city is that the BOKO Haram attack over the weekend was targeted at stopping Muhammadu Buhari from coming to Maiduguri for the rally you Monday against the expected large crowd from books and crannies of Borno including IDPs and neighboring states, towns and villages that wish to stormed Maiduguri to have a climpse of Buhari.

However, as at the time of filing IN this report, Airforce fighter jets are on surveillance since morning when they address the soldiers in shelling some of the insurgents and scatters them.

It was fathers that some of the insurgents ran I to the 1000 and 707 housing estates as well as Moronti and jimtilo areas and the soldiers are so till IN detach of the suspects within the neighbourhoods or areas closer to the scene of the attack with the aim of arresting or killing them.
> This is what informed the announcement of the curfew for everybody to stay at home and watch out suspected movements or activities within their midst.

A civilian JTF one Modu Baana with sector 5 told our correspondent that “it was yesterday night around 2 am when we were alerted of the deadly move by the terrorists to enter Maiduguri through the Jimtilo outskirts IN hundreds well armed with armoured tanks and Hilux jeeps but our able and vigilant soldiers today impress me when they seriously and mercilessly dealt with the insurgents”.

“They face the insurgents and clear them. Some of the insurgents even ran away while others succeeded in entering some houses or places at the nearby eye areas. That is why we are going round the places checking and arresting them. Few were arrested and instantly shot by the military while the civilian JTF were able let to slap gutted about three at the 707 housing estate in a house where. It was suspected and raided “, Baana said.

He added that even the soldiers were informed of a house in 1000 where they surrounded the house and open fire on the house. The fighter jets really helped and that was why the insurgents scattered and some ran away into the neighbourhood and results in the curfew in order to get them. But for now, everywhere is calm and peacefully. The attack or exchange of fire did my even reach the Air force Base or Gomari but many residents were seen tuning in the morning during the exchange of fire. Everybody was tensed and confused everywhere. Some people even started relocating to town and some other areas thinking the insurgents will succeed to enter the town. And that is why we are also checking every vehicle that lasses any civilian or milk irate checkpoint”, Most added.

A military or security source also told our correspondent that some soldiers were actually touched during the exchange of fire pointing out that it is normal but thank God the soldiers over powered the terrorists despite the fact that that the military weapons were not as sophisticated as those of the BOKO Haram. However the soldiers proved that they are gallant soldiers to their enemies today and will be always be like that. Our men are really dying and we’ll prepared for them anytime. Nobody is afraid of them. Yes it has also true the the same I surfers attacked Konduga, Gubio and may be Monguno this morning Sunday but they did not succeed “.


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