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The safety of goods kept at the Tamale regional medical stores is in doubt as there are persistent reports of missing goods despite the presence of security personnel to guard against such happenings.

The latest theft to hit the stores is the sudden disappearance of 52,000 treated mosquito nets belonging to the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) meant for distribution to residents in the region.

The stolen items which found their way on the shelves of a private pharmaceutical company has set police investigators to work in order to unravel the said looting brigade at the facility.  Tamale Metropolitan Police Commander, DSP Caesar Abanga who confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE, disclosed that the stolen nets were part of 515,700 treated mosquito nets supplied to the region on June 17, 2011.

According to him, the Regional Directorate of the NMCP after taking delivery of the items kept them at the medical stores for onward delivery to beneficiary districts.

On July 20, while distributing the items, it was realized that 52,000 pieces equivalent to 52 bales had gone missing prompting investigations into the matter by the Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Service.

Preliminary investigations led them to Olagac Pharmaceuticals based in Tamale where some of the items were reported to have been found on their shelves for sale.

On August 28, an official complaint was lodged at the police station leading to the arrest of the regional manager of the programme and the owner of the pharmaceutical company.

Both the police chief indicated, had denied any wrong doing and may be hauled before court on charges of conspiracy and stealing when investigations are complete.

The regional medical stores have in the last few months witnessed several thefts allegedly involving staff paid to man the place.

Early this year, police managed to retrieve a medium sized polytank, packs of BCG syringes, insulin syringes for diabetic patients, ice packs, bandages, weighing scales, amoxicillin powder, water for injections, bandages and a wheel chair stolen from the same place.

Prior to that, there were reports of about 200 missing bags of rice and 480 cartons of cooking oil belonging to the World Food Programme which had still not been found.

As if that was not enough, two motorbikes and two polytanks were reportedly stolen in broad daylight from the same warehouse manned by a store keeper and a security man.

Sources linked the storekeeper, who is currently on interdiction to the series of thefts but reports of continuous thefts have left many wondering if he more people were not involved as well.

The latest discovery DAILY GUIDE has been told will open a window for fresh investigations to enable police unravel the mystery surrounding the numerous thefts at the stores in recent times.

From Stephen Zoure, Tamale

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