Essiama (W/R), April 26, GNA – Mr Daniel K.Eshun, District Chief Executive of Ellembele, has called on the Churches to support the government to help build a better Ghana.

He made the call at the opening ceremony of the 51st synod of the Sekondi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana which was under the theme “The World, My Parish: Evangelism, The Work of the Church” at Essiama.

Mr Eshun said it is the responsibility of government to see to the development of the country but development initiatives by the Churches to complement government’s effort is a step in the right direction.

He said some Churches and religious organizations were already establishing schools and higher institutions of learning to bring education to the doorsteps of the people and this must be continued.

Mr Eshun appealed to the Churches to preach against the use of intemperate language and help preserve the peace the country is enjoying and to desist from using their pulpits to support political parties as this could fuel conflict.

He said the people must cooperate with whoever wins the 2012 elections adding that peace and tranquility should prevail during and after the polls.

Right Reverend Edward Ofori Donkor, Bishop of the Diocese, said it is unfortunate that some politicians have drifted from the very tenet of democracy which they swore to defend.

He said the country was founded by men whose ideas were rooted in the Bible and there was no head of state of the country who has not had an affiliation with a Christian denomination.

“We had hope that they will have committed themselves to the Bible’s teachings about citizenship and discuss political issues from a Christian perspective but this has not been so”, Bishop Donkor said.

He said Christians have the obligation to accept the choice of the people in a democratic form of government even if the choice is against their preference.

“The freedom and peace we have are priceless gifts from God and we have an important duty to protect and preserve them”, Bishop Donkor added.

He appealed to all Methodists and all those who profess to be Christians to avoid acts of hooliganism and violence during the period of registration and during the elections as well.

Bishop Donkor said the two main political parties must know that God will not forgive them if through their selfish and ambitious desires, they destroy this nation of ours adding, “Ghana is a nation in prophecy and our politicians must tread carefully”.

He said the Christian politician must know that his or her own personal conduct is important in this trying moments and must know that as a Christian, his recourse is to God alone and not to violence, insults or juju.

Bishop Donkor said, “you are in politics to expose spiritual hypocrisy, subversion of justice and the sham and corruption in high places and are not to be involved in acts of lawlessness.

Mrs Esther Lily Nkansah, the Lay Chairman of the Diocese, said Methodists should proclaim their faith through their conduct everywhere and not only in the Church.

She said evangelism is not just about talking but also Methodists should be mindful of their behaviour in and outside the Church.



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