The jackpot machines, which are largely patronized by children, has led to other entrepreneurs trading in the 50 pesewa coin as it is in high demand by gamers.

The jackpot machines are seen across almost every community including Tumu, the district capital.

Mr Sharif-Deen Ibrahim, Sissala East District Social Welfare Director, said the practice has the potential of causing artificial inflation if not checked.

He said he was unhappy with the high levels of children being involved in playing the cash machines, adding that it has in many instances led to stealing and more so affected their studies.

Mr Ibrahim expressed the wish that the practice could be banned totally in the District to ensure that the youth find meaningful means of employment.

Mr Hudu Narima, an ICT Student, complained bitterly to the Ghana News Agency, saying for him the game was an opportunity for operators to exploit the people.

He said at Tasor and Kulfuo communities, one could not get 50 pesewa coin as change after they buy provisions at various shops, and when he inquired on the reasons for the shortage, he was told the 50 pesewa coin were locked up in the jackpot machines.

Mr Narima said the owners of the machines alleged to be some foreign nationals usually come round every week to open the machines and take the money away leaving a little behind for the people to continue playing.

“I understand they usually count an amount of GH₵1,000.00 worth of coins and pour inside each machine and in a week’s time, they come round and in each machine they can get about GH₵3,000.00 worth of coins”, he said.

“I witnessed the opening of one of the machines and I was astonished to see the amount of coins that came out of the machine”, he said.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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