Going Soft or Wise?: 50 Cents regrets beef with Fat Joe

50 Cent recently admitted that his feud with fellow New York giant Fat Joe carried on for too long. The G-Unit General made the revelation to MTV on the red carpet at the screening of Will Smith?s new movie, ?After Earth.?

?Fat Joe, that was interesting. The competitive nature of hip-hop forces us to compete. It was one of those things that it went on longer than it was supposed to with that one,? 50 told MTV.

Fat Joe and 50 Cent publicly ended their feud October of 2012 during the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Both men had close business and personal ties to deceased mogul Chris Lighty, who opposed the beef from the onset.

At the time, 50 tweeted: ?BET awards were good last night. The tribute [to Chris Lighty] went good. It?s a must see. @50cent @fatjoe on the same stage. We made it happen.?


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