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50 Cent recently kid that the current verbal back-and-forth between Drake and Jay Z could lead to Rihanna and Beyonc? facing off as well. If that were to take place, it seems 50 would be Team RiRi/Drizzy. The G-Unit rapper spoke about wanting to collaborate with the Canadian rapper and Barbadian singer on future tracks during his Shade 45 ?Town Hall? interview.

?I haven?t worked with Drake or Rihanna, and I?d like to work with them,? said 50. ?They?re artists that they do things that I don?t do. It?s a different thing. So we have to find the right song for us to be working with on each other.?

The Animal Ambition creator elaborated on his appreciation for Drake?s ability to make music about relationships, and he suggested that there are only two female performers worth paying attention to.

?I don?t think anyone can beat Drake and creating relationship-based content,? stated 50. ?And then Rihanna, I think there is a shortage of female solo artists. It?s Beyonc?, Rihanna and those other people. That?s the way the s**t starting to feel to me.?

When asked if he would connect with Bey again like on the 1998 song ?Thug Love? featuring Destiny?s Child, 50 joked, ?Hell no, man. Jay is gonna be like, ?No, no, why would you do that???


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