Dodoma Regional Police Commander (RPC) Stephen Zelothe

Stephen said seven other persons were seriously injured in the accident, when the lorry with chassis No JALFTRIIKK 3600076, overturned as it was travelling between Gawaye and Ihumwa in the municipality.

The dead have been identified as Malima Chizaji (45), a resident of Mayamaya, Bahi District, John Segewa (30), who lived in Veyula, Dodma Municipality, Emanuel Mpuko (22), Adani Singo (32) and John Malabu (22) all from Gawaye.

According to the RPC, some of the injured persons – namely Nonya Nonya (30), Philipo Kasuga (30), Chalo Madati (21), Ndalawa (19) – are from Gawaye village.He mentioned the other injured persons as Henry Bomba (32) from Mayamaya village in Bahi District, Msemwe Msumari (31) and Mashaka Lukas (22) also from Gawaye.

Miraji (31), a resident of Mailimbili here, was driving the ill-fated vehicle which was en route to Gawaye, reportedly to pick up logs meant to be used in a vineyard at Ihumwa. According to Dk. Hosea Loto, who is in charge at Hombolo Hospital said the condition of the injured victims was improving.

Meanwhile, Thobias Mwanakatwe reports from Rungwe FFU used tear gas to contain a group of Chadema members who allegedly stormed into house in which CCM local leaders were holding a meeting.

They said the incident comprised of burning tires and resulted in temporary closure of the Mbeya – Tukuyu road and in turn causing a long line of stranded vehicles.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander Advocate Nyombi, leading the FFU personnel, driving in four vehicles used tear gas bombs to rescue CCM members who were in a house that was allegedly surrounded by Chadema members. The riots are said to have originated following disagreements between followers of the two parties in ongoing campaigns for counsellors, with Chadema followers claiming that their rivals were corrupting the voters.

They alleged that Same East MP, Anne Kilango Malecela, CCM Special Seats MP, Dr Mary Mwanjelwa, another CCM Special Seants MP, Hilda Ngoye, Mbeya CCM Regional Secrtaey, Verena Shungusho and UWT Mbeya Region Secretary, Tabu Mwesa, were corrupting the electorate.

This is the second riot related incident in the ongoing campaign. Tow days ago there was another clash between CCM and Chadema members, when Chadema SpeciaL Seats MP Anna Mallack was reportedly threatened by CCM members with a pistol.

RPC Nyombi told reporters that after the alleged attack, CCM members reported the incident to the police, they immediately went to the scene to quell the fracas.

Source The Guardian


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