Wooden Boat
Wooden Boat

A boat carrying 21 people sank on Thursday night when crossing the sea from one district to another in Beira, Sofala province, in central Mozambique.

According to the Maritime Administration of Sofala, four people were found alive, five were confirmed as dead, and 12 remained missing.

“Part of the survivors who were rescued between late night and early morning today say that bad weather surprised the boat crew,” said Philip Faria, an official from Sofala Maritime Administration speaking to the press on Friday afternoon.

Faria added that up to this afternoon no one else was found with or without life.

“Passengers rescued alive have told us that sea waters had entered the boat and then the boat begun to sink,” said the offical.

Faria told the press that “Maritime Administration, firefighters and a health team have been doing the searches, but as the time passes, the hope of finding the survivors is fading.”

According to Faria, the boat, though small, was a usual transportation between the districts in Beira, the third largest city in Mozambique which is famous for its port. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/NewsGhana.com.gh



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