If you are an expert in computer then here is a reminder of tips. If you are new to computer then these are some important tips that help your computer run more efficiently. These tips are very simple and computer experience is not required for implementing it. The execution of these tips will even make your old computer stay young and healthy for a long run.

Defragmenting your system or computer

Defragment your hard drive is the best way to improve the performance of your computer. In simple language defragmenting means placing files back where they actually belong. Your computer will run more efficiently if your files are in proper order. This process is very simple to do; you needn’t hire a computer expert. Do remember that it is highly advised not to use your system while defragmenting.

The defragmenting process involves clicking the Start button, go to Accessories then click System tools and finally defragment. If case of any help, take the guidance of your system’s help file. In order to run your system smoothly, do periodic fragmentation.

Disk Cleanup

A good idea is regularly performing a Disk Cleanup. It is to be noted that whenever you browse the internet, delete files, open attachments, your system saves a data of your activity. If you daily spend a long time on your computer then there is chance of enough space utilization and performance slow down a bit. You can keep the unwanted and unused files from filling extra storage space on your system with Windows utility tool known as Disk Cleanup. The Disk Cleanup process involves clicking the Start button, go to Accessories then click System tools and finally Disk Cleanup. You will find a small box will pop up, just select the unwanted files and click OK to delete them.

Uninstalling Unused and Old Programs

If there are programs once installed for some purpose and after that it is unused or become old then there is no use of having it in your computer. There is a need for uninstalling unused and old programs from your computer in order to get your computer run more efficiently. If you are not comfortable in doing it then do take the help of computer expert. This process involves very simple steps, first click the Start button then go to Programs. Then select the name of the program and just uninstall. If some computer, just go to Control Panel and click Add/Remove option. These simple tips can give good result and provide you peace while working on your computer. Do keep your computer save by following these tips.

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