Afghanistan has arrested at least five men suspected of being involved in the last month’s attack at a Pakistani school that killed 135 students, officials said Friday.wpid-murder.jpg

An Afghan security official confirmed that the five Pakistani men were currently being held for questioning in Afghanistan.

A Pakistani security official said that the arrest came after Pakistan supplied information to the Afghan government.

They will be handed over in the coming days, both Afghan and Pakistani security officials confirmed.

On December 16, seven Pakistani Taliban gunmen went from class to class and killed more than 150 people, mostly students, at the Army Public School in Peshawar city.

Last week, Pakistan’s spy chief arrived in Kabul to meet with the Afghan president to talk about the arrest and the handover, security officials from both the countries confirmed.

The attempt to engage with Afghanistan on terrorism-related issues “reflects Pakistan’s seriousness to root out terrorists for the first time since 9/11,” said Irfan Shahzad, lead security researcher at Islamabad-based Institute of Policy Studies.

“We will have to see what impact does it have on the future of the region. Nonetheless, it is a very significant symbolism.”

Meanwhile, one Afghan intelligence official said that talks were ongoing regarding the exchange of the Peshawar suspects with the suspects of the November bombing in eastern Afghanistan that killed more than 50 people at a volleyball match.

Afghan intelligence agency blamed the attack on the Pakistan-based Haqqani network, a hardline militant group aligned with the Taliban.

The official said those suspects in the Pakistani custody have been asked to be handed over.


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