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Ghana?s most recent Best Group of the Year award winners , 4×4, are currently in South Africa making the rounds with various media outlets. On Monday, January 28th, 4×4 sat down for an in-depth interview??on the ?Check In Drive Time? show with Turas Turise on PlanetRadio And TV?to discuss not only their music, but the growth, unity, and prosperity of Africa.

The group , consisting of Coded, Captain Planet, and Fresh Prince, is currently in South Africa??to not only promote their latest smash hit, ?London Bridge?, but to make a new music video as well.

Stay tuned for more behind the scene photos of 4×4 in South Africa.

4x4 Good Morning Africa  Set
4×4 Good Morning Africa Set

4x4 Planet Radio South Africa
4×4 Planet Radio South Africa


Captain Planet - South Africa
Captain Planet – South Africa

4x4 sa

4x4 south africa



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