It is alleged that Evelyn Chiswa claimed that she could not imagine her life without her ex-lover?s seemingly cut above the rest s?xual gymnastics.

This was after she allegedly threatened to commit suicide at her ex-husband?s place of residence after he refused to have s?xual intercourse with her.
Circumstances to the story which sounds like an extract from a romantic Nigerian movie script are that Chiswa was sometime last year reportedly jilted by her ex-husband Ignatius Midzi over an undisclosed domestic reason.

The ?dumping? reportedly did not go down well with Chiswa who is alleged to have read a riot act to her ex-lover saying she was not going to fold her hands after he had deliberately placed her on a s?xual hiatus. She was alleged to have started phoning and stalking him at his workplace as well as besieging his place of residence tirelessly demanding s?x.

Midzi, living true to the adage, ?let bygones be bygones? refused to entertain his ex-wife and on the 10th of February this year he approached the Magistrates Court seeking a protection order against the menacing Chiswa?. Fortunately, he was granted the protection order where Chiswa was ordered by the court not to ever phone Midzi or go to his place of residence and workplace with the intention of disturbing his peace. To the self-styled s?x martyr, Chiswa it seems the court order was just like a word of non effect and she continued pestering Midzi demanding s?x whenever he brought groceries for their child until she threatened to commit suicide at his place of residence.

The daring Chiswa went on to threaten Midzi saying she was going to dump their daughter at his workplace if he refused to come regularly to her place of residence to have s?x with her. Midzi, following the threats went and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of his former better half.
Chiswa for the offence of stalking her former husband was brought before Bulawayo magistrate Mrs Learnmore Mapiye. She was charged with Contempt of Court as defined in section 182 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23. She was not formally charged and was remanded out of custody to 7 December on free bail.


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