Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda

Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda told the National Assembly on Tuesday that the Lake Zone was the most affected area, where a total of 41 victims out of 43 were killed.

?The government will continue to provide education regarding the matter and we will empower the Human Rights and Good Governance Commission to visit the area for the purpose,? the prime minister said.

He was giving an additional answer to a supplementary question by Felister Bulla (Special Seats-CCM), who had wanted to know concrete actions taken by the government to provide education to the people involved in the killings and to traditional healers, who are said to be the source of such barbaric acts.

The prime minister pointed out that stopping albino killings was a tasking issue and very complicated. He said, however, that provision of public education was necessary and he was sure that they would succeed through joint efforts from all the stakeholders, including religious leaders and courts.

In the basic question, Martha Umbula (Special Seats-CCM) had wanted to know the government?s scientific plans to look for ways of removing DNAcausing albinism and how far the government had gone in identifying the source of beliefs leading to albino killings.

Responding to the questions, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Mr Kebwe Steven Kebwe, said that albinism was a disease which one was born with after inheriting DNA elements of the disease from his or her parents.

He pointed out, therefore, that the government had been taking initiatives to provide education to different groups to increase awareness on the source of the problem, adding that there was provision of genetic counselling to families with a history of such problem.

The deputy minister further said the killing of alibino and identification of sources of such killings was a cross-cutting issue involving several ministries.

As for his ministry?s part, he said, they needed close cooperation with other stakeholders to provide education on the matter to enable people to understand that albinism was a scientifically known problem and that the condition could not produce any miracle


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