National Trust Holding Company (NTHC)
National Trust Holding Company (NTHC)

The launch also coincided with the inauguration of the new head office complex.

National Trust Holding Company (NTHC)
National Trust Holding Company (NTHC)

National Trust Holding Company (NTHC)Speaking at the launch, Major Mahama Samuel Tara (Rtd), Chief Director Ministry of Finance, urged capital market operators to act with good judgment and care in the management of the investments of their clients, ensuring the safety of their capital as well as the income to be derived.

They must also put in place systems, processes and procedures which control managerial behaviour and ensure accountability to stakeholders for the safety of their investments and protection of their interests while acting with integrity in their dealings.

“Government will enact laws, enforce them and punish violations but at the end of the day our personal integrity is still our best policeman,” he said.

He said the future of investment banking is defined not just by how profitable businesses are but by how sustainable they would be.

He said stakeholders would be demanding ethical behaviours, accountability and value in their daily dealings with industry players.

Major Tara said sustainable banking means acting in line with laws and regulations governing the industry, making good investment decisions, financing those activities, which have positive social, environmental and economic impacts, among others.

“As mobilisers and managers of long term capital, we have very little choice but to develop our markets along sustainable lines. In its broadest sense this implies that we must be ethical and professional, socially responsible and fair in the way in which we mobilize and deploy capital,” he said.

He lauded the NTHC for the significant role played in the development of the country’s capital market through offering of accessible, durable and valuable advisory and management services to customers and shareholders.

Mr Peter Hayibor, Board Chairman NTHC said despite the competition in the capital and financial services market, the company is still relevant as it has expanded its product range, increased its channels and significantly automated its platform to satisfy the customers.

He said NTHC would continue to position itself to meet future challenges and seize the opportunities to meet customers demand by developing innovative products and be more prudent in its decisions.

“We have recently expanded our executive team to drive innovation, strengthen our operations and enhance our performance,” he said.

He said the company is also working to sharpen its electronic service delivery platform throughout our channels and at our centralized operations hub in Accra.

Mr Francis Apanka, Acting Managing Director NTHC said an important part of the company’s agenda include mobilising and directing long term capital to critical sectors of the economy, educating and helping people to develop the tenets of savings, investment and entrepreneurship and taking products and services to all particularly those outside the financial services mainstream.

Some of the activities lined for the anniversary include financial literacy programmes in schools and through the mass media, customer engagement forums, corporate social responsibility projects, opening up more service channels and many more.

The theme for the anniversary is: “Pioneering Sustainable Investment Banking: Now and into the Future.”

NTHC was established in 1976 to purchase hold and to manage sell securities and other property, to provide brokerage services to investors, to underwrite the issue of shares, bonds and other securities, to lend to prospective investors for the purchase of securities and other property.

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