refugees n queue
refugees n queue

Mozambican authorities expect to receive nearly 400 nationals who are victims of xenophobic violence in the neighboring South Africa, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said on Tuesday.

“So far the government has set up a reception center in Maputo Province to receive the victims who expressed interest in returning to the country,” MINEC spokesman Geraldo Saranga told reporters in Maputo.


At least 12 Mozambicans have been killed in the recent surge of xenophobia in South Africa and another 500 Mozambicans are estimated to have lost their homes due to the violence including arson and plunder.

Authorities called for non-retaliation against South Africans and their assets in Mozambique.

“I believe in a dialogue platform that will produce a definitive solution,” said Saranga, adding that diplomatic relations between Mozambique and South Africa are not compromised.

“By Wednesday there will be infrastructure conditions to receive the victims,” said the spokesman.

He said 15 volunteers from Mozambique Red Cross will also joining the work with the health authorities providing necessary support. Enditem


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