Royal Philips Electronics has concluded its third pan-African Cairo-to-Cape Town road show to raise awareness on how healthcare and lighting solutions can enhance life in Africa.

The road show ended in Cape Town, having covered 12,000 kilometres in three months after visiting 17 cities, 11 countries focusing on mother and child care and energy-efficient lighting.

The main focus of this year?s road show was to increase awareness of how healthcare and lighting solutions can contribute to improving the quality of people?s lives in Africa.

During the road show, Philips showcased local, relevant and affordable innovations.
Engaging dialogues were established with customers, governments, NGOs and media on topics relating to key challenges facing Africa and how new innovations can address these: Mother and Child Care, Women?s Healthcare, energy-efficient LED and solar lighting solutions.

Philips also provided clinical education and training to more than 1,200 African healthcare professionals to help improve standards of care.

Vice President and CEO of Philips Africa, JJ van Dongen, said: ?Philips has been active in Africa for over a century.

?We are committed to an aggressive multi-year investment plan to significantly increase our business footprint in the coming years, based upon locally relevant products and innovations that address the needs of the growing African population.

?While we already have a strong installed base of our equipment, the benefit of dialogue during this road show allows us to listen to the local stakeholders and understand how we can adapt our technology and products to better serve this continent,? he said.

The road show visited Ghana for the first time and made a stop in Accra from 12th-15th June 2012, announcing it was establishing its first West African regional office in Accra which would be functional in the third quarter of 2012 to support local channel partners across the West African markets.

The office will allow Philips to be closer to customers and key decision-makers, broaden its reach and expand the range of product offerings and customer services in the West African sub-region.

In addition to providing clinical trainings, Philips also introduced its latest ultrasound and monitoring products, ClearVue and IntelliVue, specifically designed for caregivers across the wide variety of clinical environments in the country.

Ghana also became the first West African country to install Philips? solar powered LED road and area lighting system.

Philips has demonstrated a new generation of cost-effective outdoor lighting solutions powered by the sun which have the potential to transform life in Ghana at economic and social levels in ways that have never been possible before.

A new solar powered LED lighting system was provided to Accra Academy in Ghana to help stimulate sports activities in the evening.

Philips also committed an investment of ?1.2 million (spread over three years) to a new initiative, which will see the installation of 100 ?light centres? across rural Africa by 2015.

These are areas of approx 1000m2, or the size of a small soccer pitch, which are lit using a new generation of highly efficient solar powered LED lighting.? The idea is to create areas of light for rural communities which live without electricity; thus effectively ?extending the day? and creating numerous opportunities for social and economic activities in the evening.

Mr. JJ van Dongen summarises: ?Although we are concluding our third pan-African road show, Philips remains dedicated to continuing the engagements, partnerships and commitments we have made on this journey.

?Issues like Mother and Child Care and energy-efficiency are of high priority for policy makers and societies.

?Philips recognises this need and will continue to create dialogue and cooperation between governments and non-governmental organisations, between public and private stakeholders. Philips remains committed to Africa, which is an important growth market to us.?

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