A Romanian national died paragliding in central Nepal, police said Thursday.paragliding

The body of Ioan Gragospirate, 35, was found separated from his glider on Wednesday in a forest near the popular tourist town of Pokhara. He was on a solo flight.

The cause was not known but police said they were investigating whether his straps may have broken or been incorrectly fixed.

The crash brings to six the number of people who have died paragliding in the area since 2008, all of them foreigners, police said. There have been 50 accidents in that time.

A South Korean crashed and died during a solo flight in January after he got tangled in the glider’s strings.

Paragliding is popular among visitors to the lakeside city, with most people opting for tandem flights with an experienced guide.

Tourism sector representatives asked for improved safety measures, especially on solo flights, which are currently hardly regulated.

“The Civil Aviation Authority needs to introduce strict rules in terms of issuing flying permits,” said Sano Babu Sunuwar, a paragliding trainer known for flying from the top of Mount Everest.

There are no designated flying zones or effective supervision by authorities, he said. “Strict rules need to be in place to prevent amateur pilots from doing solo flights.”

More than 20 paragliding companies operate in Pokhara, and a few more in other parts of the country.



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