The Effutu Municipal Directorate of the National Fire Service recorded 31 fire outbreaks between January and December 2012 as against 11 cases in 2011 in the municipality and its environs.

Mr Alfred A. Acheampong, Effutu Municipal Fire Officer, told the GNA that personal effects and household items destroyed were valued at about GH?70,000.

Mr Acheampong attributed the cause of the fire outbreaks to poor electrical wiring, overloading of gargets, old wires and bushfires and that the the outbreaks would have been prevented if the people adhered to education given them on fire prevention by personnel of the Service.

He said there was the need for people to always observe fire safety regulations and rules to help avoid natural and man-made fire disasters.

Mr Acheampong advised the people to acquire fire extinguishers in their homes, shops, workplaces, hotels and hostels, adding that it is an offence for a facility not own fire fighting equipment.

Mr Acheampong also urged people who give wrong signals to the Service in respect of fire outbreaks to stop.

Source: GNA


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