Headteachers during training in ICT skills at Teso College Aloet in Soroti district.

Headteachers during training in ICT skills at Teso College Aloet in Soroti district.

This is part of Government’s program to train 4, 000 headteachers to improve their competencies and child school performance.

The programme is under Uganda Teacher and School Effectiveness Project (UTSEP) and it will cover 50 districts.

The project worth $100m (about sh360b) is funded by Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and supervised by World Bank while the Government of Uganda is the implementer.

The project is to last three years.

The training conducted by Uganda Management Institute (UMI) was rolled out at Nsongo Core PTC in Mbale and Teso College Aloet in Soroti.

According to consultant Helen Stallard, the objective of the headteachers’ training is to raise the standards of teachers’ effectiveness in teaching young children in early child development (ECD).

“If we put in good foundation, the children will perform better and are less likely to drop out. It will give them good start care,” Stallard said.

She pointed out that by training teachers in good methodologies and practice children would be in position to be critical thinkers, self-confident and be of good esteem.

The consultant explained that the training involves using cascade model where masters of training are trained and they will also train trainers of training who will pass on the knowledge to care givers.

The training also emphasizes use of local languages and play method.

“Children should be active and learning through materials as they grow which will develop early reading and writing skills,” she said.

The teachers were also trained in leadership management skills and entrepreneurship.

Lydia Musungu, the district inspector of schools Mbale observed that the training was timely.

“The training will help them gain leadership skills and become better managers of the schools they head,” Musungu said.

Jennifer Aduwo, the principal consultant with UMI noted that the training would equip head teachers with skills in ICT to produce reports among others that are required by ministry of education without going the ministry headquarters but use internet to transmit them.

Innocent Mulindwa, World Bank team leader implored head teachers to improve learning outcomes in their schools using the skills they have gained from training.

The commissioner pre-Primary and Primary Education, Daniel Nkaada leader advised headteachers implement what they have learnt so as improve performance in schools.

He said this will improve pupils’ performance.

“It will attract more learners and the enrolment will increase,” Nkaada said.

By Francis Emorut, The New Vision


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