You can find different types of retirement homes these days, but when it comes to seniors homes, there are a few misconceptions that are very popular. Generally, these myths deter seniors from choosing a desirable retirement lifestyle, so it is really important to address them.

1. I will lose my independence if I decide to live in a retirement home

If anything, elderly persons get more independent after moving into retirement homes. Seniors spend less time taking care of their residence, doing housekeeping chores, and preparing meals. This additional time will of course allow them get more time to socialize, exercise, travel, and participate in different activities. In most of the cases, elderly persons fear that they will be confined to their rooms if they move to a retirement home.

This is not true actually- residents of the senior housing communities may come and go at any time, the same way as they would in their own homes. However, the only thing that might be required is signing out for safety measures.

2. It is not possible for me to afford to live in a senior home

The truth is that you can find a wide range of senior homes for different budgets. You also have an opportunity to qualify for the government programs in your area if you are in a condition to afford that senior care. Additionally, when you move to senior homes, almost everything is included in the monthly rate. If you calculate your entire monthly expenses (rent, mortgage, property taxes, hydro, phone, food, heat, eating out, cleaning supplies, etc.), you will find that in most of the cases the costs can be comparatively cheap.

If you have pension or investment income from home equity, it will make moving even more affordable for you to live in there.

3. I am too young to live in a retirement residence.

Trust me; just visit a retirement residence to debunk this myth. There are numbers of activities for residents of different ages and abilities. Moving into senior housing facility is of course a big decision, and you want to be ready when the time is right, but not be in a position when you can not make a decision for yourself. Once elderly persons move to a retirement housing property, often they say that they should have moved earlier.

These days senior homes are nothing like the retirement residences 30 years ago. We can say that in many of them you will find the facilities like in any luxury resorts. With a little research you will surely find desired retirement residence.

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