National Chairman of Democratic Party (DP), Rev Christopher Mtikila

National Chairman of Democratic Party (DP), Rev Christopher Mtikila

Mr Fahmy Dovutwa on UPDP ticket, Macmillan Lyimo (TLP) and Reverend Christopher Mtikila on DP ticket arrived at NEC headquarters in Dar es Salaam at different times, all calling for the commission to ensure free and fair elections.

Speaking to journalists, Rev Mtikila vowed to file a petition at the high court to demand return of the loose coalition of the defenders of the constitution (UKAWA), which he said had been ?hijacked? by a few people.

According to Mtikila, the coalition was formed by the alliance of opposition of political parties mainly to defend for the rights of the people of Tanganyika in the constitution making process towards formation of a Tanganyika government.

?I was the main founder of the coalition but I have been sidelined by political leaders of Chadema, NCCR Mageuzi and the rest from taking part in the decision making process,? he said, adding that all other opposition leaders went on to change the coalition.

Rev Mtikila, who was the third person to pick the forms, arrived at the NEC offices at around 2pm and pointed out lack of an independent candidate in the next presidential race as one of the mistakes by the commission.

?I have spent some time with the director of election discussing some few issues but of course faults are seen in the process of the general election,? he said.

?I am glad the director agreed with me over the faults but pointed out that rules and regulations of the commission are the main tools that guide all the process of the election,? he said.

According to Rev Mtikila, the absence of an independent presidential candidate creates room for individuals without credibility to take leadership positions through political parties.

?There are good and obliged people to lead the nation but are not affiliated to any political party, such people should be given a chances to lead the nation,? he said.

Commenting on his willingness to contest for presidential seat, Rev Mtikila said he was among the few and clean and good leaders expressing high desires to be elected the next President to change the nation.

Speaking shortly after collecting the forms, UPDP candidate (Dovutwa), who was the first to collect the forms, said he was well prepared to win the presidential election in order to lead Tanzanians on better future.

?I am well prepared and ready to lead Tanzanians, once I become the president, I will make sure all the promises are implemented,? he said, adding that the main challenge that lets down most politicians is lack of implementing the policies.

By ANNE ROBI, Tanzania Daily News


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