The Sekondi Police has arrested three men for allegedly lacing aphrodisiac drugs known as ?Queen of Desire? into a drink meant to intoxicate three teenage girls in order to arouse their sexual libido so as to lure them into having sex.wpid-arrested.jpg

The suspects Frederick Okyere, 21, Nana Kobina, 20, and Evans Nkrumah, 20 are currently in police custody.

According to an eyewitness, Nana Kofi Essoun, Sekondi Chief Fisherman, last Saturday March 7, the suspects invited three girls (names withheld) to his drinking spot at Busumtwi Sam Fishing Harbour at Sekondi.

He said before the girls arrived at the place the boys had laced the drink with the aphrodisiac substance so that when the girls drunk it, it would arouse their sexual libido in order to lure them into sex.

Nana Essoun said since he saw them pouring the substance into the drink he stopped the girls from drinking it when they arrived at the spot and, therefore, raised the alarm, and with the help of some neighbours arrested the suspects and handed them over to the police.

He said initially he thought it was a poison, however when the suspects were arrested, they confessed that it was a Chinese aphrodisiac medicine which arouses sexual libido of their innocent victims which made them desire for sex.


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