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Cameroon army said it has arrested and detained 27 secret agents of terror group Boko Haram in Mora, a locality in the country’s Far North region.

The army disclosed the information during a work visit of Cameroon’s Army Chief of Staff, Rene Claude Meka to the region that has witnessed persistent attacks from the terror group recently.


The secret agents were supplying Boko Haram with information, food, fuel and “other materials” according to the army.

They lived among civilians “and even interacted with government forces freely” in other to obtain “operational information” and relay to Boko Haram militants, the army said.

The arrest marked an important step towards the eradication of the Islamist group by joint forces, according to the army.

Boko Haram has killed about 2,000 people in Cameroon since 2014, according to local media quoting international NGOs. Enditem


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