Trade Fair
Trade Fair

Exhibitors at the on-going 23rd Ghana International Trade Fair are experiencing slow patronage due to the low publicity given to it.

This year’s international trade fair has over 600 traders who have pitched their stands at the fair expectant of doing business with customers.


Scores of Exhibitors told the Ghana News Agency in an interview during a tour that business had been very slow and called for intensive media projection.

“Trade Fairs and Exhibitions projects on the wheels of the media, therefore, we expect greater media involvement to attract the public to showcase their products and do business with the international world,” Ms Rogey Contey from Gambia told the GNA.

Ms. Contey said her expectations have so far not been met, most people come and walk through the stands and do not buy anything.

She added that for the past few days, since the fair began, she has not been able to make any profit.

She said “I was in Egypt for a similar fair but the patronage there was better from the first day to the last”.

She was, however, hopeful that before the fair ends the sensitization would have gone far for most people to patronize.

Mrs. Uduak Etokuwoh, Director International Export Office, Nigeria Export Promotion Council said her aim for coming for this year’s fair was to foster intra-African trade, to seek for partners, distributing companies from Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

She said she was quite surprised at the low patronage at the fair and suggested that much more publicity should be given to the fair to enable a better patronage as the days go by.

She expressed satisfaction of the reception and audience given them by the Trade Fair authorities so far.

The pavilion A had about 150 stands filled with mainly made in Ghana products. Some of the stands displayed products mainly sponsored by the Rural Enterprise Programme (REP).

Exhibitors advised that exhibitors from other countries should be encouraged to participate to make it an international fair rather than a national one.


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